Every day we give more importance to what do we eat and where do we eat it. We love trying new things and discovering culinary trends, but many times we do it without asking ourselves whether or not it has consequences for our health.

For this reason, Dr. Jorge Ferrús, a specialist in Dentistry, shares some of the culinary trends, to analyze what is your impact on our oral health. After its analysis, it is clear that part of these instagrammable dishes do not harm oral health. However, there are exceptions and some trend dishes that can affect the results of treatments such as whitening or they can cause discomfort in treatments such as braces orthodontics.

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Returning to the topic of culinary trends and oral care …

Discover places to live a culinary experience It is one of the greatest pleasures for lovers of new flavors. And it is that enjoying a succulent meal is even better if they are the latest culinary trends.

But being at the forefront of innovations foodie It involves trying reinvented recipes, with ingredients that are not frequently seen in any restaurant. Given this, it is worth asking whether these foods are beneficial or not for dental health.

Eating is obviously something we do on a daily basis and not just out of necessity, but for pleasure. But it is important to know the effect that trends foodie most innovative can have on the teeth and gums.

Therefore, the co-founder of the Ferrus & Bratos Dental Clinic and specialist in Periodontology, the doctor Jorge Ferrús, makes a series of recommendations in this regard.

Blue food in the purest Bridget Jones style:

At first glance, blue food may be immediately associated with the use of artificial colors or, in the case of Bridget Jones, with the unfortunate use of string in soup. However, the expansion of the color palette in food is already a reality thanks to the recipes that incorporate a greenish blue algae called spirulina. “This ingredient is especially beneficial for the denture due to its high nutritional value and its high concentration of minerals, vitamins and proteins ”, explains Dr. Jorge Ferrús. It is possible to find spirulina in many foods, whether sweet or salty, such as coffee.

Blue latte | @religioncoffee_

But this algae is also present in foods of more exotic origin, such as hummus. Even so, the periodontist makes a qualification: “It is important to bear in mind that spirulina should not be abused or consumed too frequently during certain dental cosmetic treatments, such as whitening. Intake of foods with a high coloration can affect the final result and cause that the result is not as optimal as expected. ”

Black pizza, activated carbon ?:

Blue is not the only shade that has made an appearance in the meals of the foodies. One of the innovations that has come with great force is the black pizza made with activated carbon, How is it going:

Black activated carbon pizza | @pizzidixie

Activated carbon is one of the “miracle products” that have become more popular in recent months due to its purported bleaching properties. In fact, there are many videos that proliferate on the Internet that ensure almost magical results. Above all, whitening properties are attributed to achieve a bright smile without the need to go to a dental clinic.

However, the reality is quite different. “Activated carbon is very abrasive to teeth and gums, reason why its continued use (be it in the form of toothpaste or powders) generates sensitivity and wear problems ”, says Dr. Ferrús.

Tasting activated charcoal pizza can be a good plan for a lover foodie, although the specialists of the clinic advise that this substance is not incorporated into the oral hygiene routines by the negative effect it has on health.

Eat ice cream differently:

Ice cream is the quintessential dessert on hot summer days, although with new ways to eat it, it’s no wonder that it is appealing even when temperatures drop. Gone are the round tubs or waffles in the shape of a cone: now there are much more original ways to enjoy an infinite number of flavors. One of the most curious is the hot dog … ice cream!

With so much creativity, it will be impossible to say that a dish “does not enter our eyes”, because an apparently salty snack is actually a delicious sweet.

Ice cream hot dog | @heladeria_popota

This is far from being the only option. The already more than known bubble waffle They also offer countless ways to taste ice cream, syrups, and toppings. About these sweets, Dr. Jorge Ferrús recalls the importance of brushing after eating them. “Ice creams contain a high amount of sugar, the main cause of dental caries. Avoid too long before we brush our teeth, but if this is not possible, it is very useful to rinse your mouth with water or chew gum with xylitol. Thus, greater salivation is generated, which balances the pH of the mouth, and helps dilute the acids that cause cavities. ”

An alternative: vegan pastry:

The foodies who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet have it very easy to eat all kinds of dishes without restriction. Given the variety of restaurants vegan-friendlyThose with a sweet tooth can also treat themselves to the sweet trends that everyone talks about. And it is that vegan pastry is reaching great popularity, you just have to take a look at the proliferation of pastry shops of this nature. One of their most acclaimed sweets of this type is the reinvention they have made of the classic donut: the cronut, made with the mass of croissants.

Vegan chronut | @chokbarcelona

“Despite being vegan, these delicacies are not without sugar, which, as with ice cream, can attack the outer and inner layers of the teeth,” recalls the co-founder of the Ferrus & Bratos Dental Clinic.

The star food that will never go out of style:

Of course, one of the foods that is more than integrated into the usual diet of any foodie is the avocado. Source of a lot of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, provides benefits in almost all aspects of general and oral health.

The search for the perfect avocado is tireless, but luckily, it continues to be a star fruit to the point of finding places exclusively focused on cooking with it. Thus, it is possible to taste even a hamburger with fake avocado bread:

Avocado burger | @todoavocado

In addition, it is a food that has no restrictions from the dental point of view. For example, it may be a good option for those people who have just started a orthodontic treatment and they are still in their adaptation period. “As soon as you place the braces – whether they are metallic or other more aesthetic, such as sapphire or lingual braces – you will probably notice a sensation of pain and pressure on the denture. For these cases, it is convenient to follow a diet based on light foods that do not require effort when chewing them, ”says Dr. Ferrús.

The best trend: eating a healthy and varied diet

Any moment can be ideal to launch into trying any of these gastronomic trends. But so that you can maintain oral health in the best possible conditions, Dr. Ferrús makes a recommendation:

“A varied diet, based on fresh food, provides us with all the nutrients and vitamins that our teeth and gums need. Keep in mind that the development of teeth begins at the earliest ages, so it is important to be aware of how our diet affects oral health. It is highly recommended prioritize the intake of vegetables, fruit, fish and meats compared to processed products such as sweets, soft drinks, pre-cooked meals or industrial pastries ”, he concludes.

Lastly, and although there is apparently no oral disease or problem, it is very beneficial to go between once and twice a year to a dental clinic to have a routine review.