For many women it can be very difficult to manage our hair, especially when it is heavily processed and mistreated by the chemicals we use, or the little time we spend on it. In order to achieve healthy and living hair, it is very important to regularly visit a salon to provide you with the necessary and appropriate treatments for each type of hair. But also, on your own you should avoid using so much chemical that damages it and does not allow it to grow healthy.

One of the trends that we are seeing a lot recently is that of bringing curly hair. This trend helps you to bring your hair to the natural and allow your hair to breathe. As an editor, I get a lot of questions from readers wanting to know how they can make the transition from straight hair to curly hair. Like me, many women have been using irons and hairdryers for many years, but we want to try to take our natural return in a healthy way for hair.

And to provide you with the answer to that question, we talked to Ona Diaz -Santin, expert in hair care, and owner of the beauty salon 5 Salon & Spa in New Jersey.

From the first moment you meet Ona you feel a good vibe. As a good Latina, she gives you the blessing and gives you a big hug to see you. Ona Diaz -Santin is a successful business woman, stylist, and expert in hair care and management, more specifically curly. Since she was little, she grew up surrounded by the beauty environment with her mother, who also had 4 beauty salons in the Queens, NY area, and from there the seed of love for beauty and hair care began to grow in her.

Her parents are from the Dominican Republic, but she was born and raised in New York. Her first job was in her mom’s living room. Since she was in high school she understood that she liked hair care, beauty, managing hair, and that is why she decided to study in a beauty school after high school.

When she finished her studies at the beauty school, she started working as an assistant in the salon that she currently owns. Then he goes to work in a salon in the town of Inglewood, where he was a stylist for several years. While working there, a man named Nick contacts her. This person Ona had met her when she was studying at beauty school, one day he was doing a hair management demonstration. At that time she told him “One day I will work with you”, and he laughed.

After several years, Nick was the one who called her because she was being recognized for her work where she was, Nick had bought the room where she had worked as an assistant first. He did not remember her, he only knew that she was a very famous stylist at the time, but she reminded him that long ago she was the young woman who had told him that one day she would work with him! And Nick became his mentor.

From that moment on, Ona returned to the classroom and after many years, in November 2017 bought it and became the owner of the salon. In total, Ona has been in the salon for 18 years and is undoubtedly one of the best.

See below some tips that we share for the care of curly hair, and hair in general. Also some of the products that he recommends us to use.

What is the importance of taking care of hair and how?

The most important thing is to maintain the natural texture. Give love to your hair, not give it heat, make at least 5 cuts a year on the ends, make oil treatments. If the hair is already badly damaged, as she says, “The dead don’t come back,” so get protein treatments to deeply hydrate it.

How to exfoliate the scalp?

The scalp continues to accumulate chemicals and dirt. He recommends using a product that can eliminate fungi and deep bacteria. He mentions that just as you exfoliate your face, you must do the same with your scalp.

Recommends using …

Scalp Renew – Natural dermabrasion treatment:

Anti-aging treatment dermabrasion with scalp perfusion technology that exfoliates and removes buildup around follicles. For best results, follow with the appropriate system kit.

Other products he recommends are …

Nioxin – Night density:

The first night treatment of Nioxin, Night Density Rescue With Nioxydine24 it has been designed to effectively promote hair density through a powerful blend of antioxidants known to neutralize free radicals on the surface of the scalp.

More specifically for curly hair, Sebastian recommends products such as Sebastian Twisted Elastic Detangler:

Detangling professional twisted elastic Sebastian. It locks in moisture and increases elasticity, helping to repair and preserve the natural vitality of curly hair for easier styling and flexible curls all day. Use: Remove excess water and distribute Sebastian Elastic Detangler through hair. Insist on extremes.

For more Sebastian products,Click here!

Thanks to Ona Diaz-Santin from @ 5salonspa already Danielle Alvarez from The Bonita Project for making this collaboration possible.