To nourish and care for the cuticle from the root …

Keeping your hands and nails well cared for is a daily task. For this reason, we must be creative in finding ways to care for ourselves without having to spend a lot of money. Revive, smooth & rejuvenate your cuticles with these products.

1. Softener Super nail:

The cuticle softener SuperNail smoothes cuticles for safe and effective removal. With a pleasant smell and soft texture.

Softening gel cuticles:

For easy cuticle removal. Cuticle remover for manicure and pedicure treatments. Better than cuticle nippers, cuticle cutters, among others. 3-in-1 formula that smoothes, dissolves, and lifts old cuticles in 90 seconds or less.

3. Cuticle softener – California Mango:

Revive and rejuvenate your cuticles to a healthy state with the Cuticle Softener with Dropper California Mango. California Mango’s goal is to manufacture a product line from start to finish, using high-quality natural ingredients. The mango is only packed with highly refined oils and antioxidants that protect and replenish the skin’s natural moisture. California Mango Hand & Body Care includes a wide range of natural formulas to condition and hydrate the skin.

Bee Natural – nail oil:

Helps all broken nails and stiff cuticles. Treatment enriched with vitamin E perfect for the moisture, softness and health of your cuticles. Contains tea tree antifungal essential oils.