Look at the one that is best for your health …

Have you ever thought about why you sweat? The skin is the largest organ in your body and sweat does not flow from it by chance. Sweat plays a very important role in your health. Through it, your body cools down and manages to keep you at an adequate temperature, preventing you from overheating. So you sweat while you exercise or when you have a fever.

Likewise in various oriental traditions such as yoga, or natural medicine such as ayurveda, or Chinese medicine, it is understood that sweat serves as a way to detoxify the body naturally. You may think: “but it is that sweat smells bad” and that is why you use antiperspirants -what they really do is prevent you from sweating by covering your pores- but Did you know that sweat itself doesn’t smell bad? The bad smell comes when you have contact with other bacteria on the skin. Also, it’s kind of scary, think about how weird it is to prevent your body from doing something it’s supposed to do naturally to protect you, like sweating.

So, antiperspirant or deodorant?

I understand that you don’t want to smell bad and I know it feels unpleasant, but not using antiperspirants will not make you stink, but will protect your long-term health.

Contrary to antiperspirants, deodorants work on the skin killing bacteria with antiseptic ingredients and sometimes covering the bad smell with some aroma. As with all hygiene products, it is important that you also check the ingredients of the deodorants you use as many are loaded with chemicals such as parabens, which affect the hormonal balance of your body.

What can you do then?

Use deodorants with natural ingredients. As each human being is different, you may have to try several until you reach the one that works for you, so here is a list of natural options that can work for you:

1. Crystal mineral deodorant in gel or liquid with a lavender scent. Leaves no residue, stains or marks on clothing:

2. Thai stone mineral deodorant unscented, aluminum or parabens:

3. Cream deodorant – absorbs moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria:

4. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Cream – neutralize the smell to keep you cool: