They provide full coverage and a smooth finish to the skin …

If you still don’t know this line of makeup and skincare, welcome! Dermablend is a line that combines high performance pigments and standards created by dermatologists to create safe products for all skin types, tones and conditions. As editor of Shopping GuideTogether with my team of writers, we continually take on the task of testing products that may be beneficial to our readers, and Dermablend is one that I personally tested.

Since their inception in 1981, all Dermablend Professional products have followed strict standards to ensure they are safe to use on all skin types, tones and conditions. This is why Dermablend Professional is one of the leading brands of coverage, recommended by dermatologists, trusted by both makeup artists and medical professionals.

According to the brand’s website, in 1981 the American dermatologist Dr. Craig Roberts had a breakthrough. Frustrated with limiting skincare to fully heal his patients, he turned to the makeup to solve what skincare couldn’t. He developed a partnership with his wife, makeup artist Flori Roberts. Together they created Dermablend Professional at the intersection of dermatology and the art of makeup. Combining high-performance pigments and standards created by dermatologists, they created safe products for all skin types.

Below I share several of the products that the brand has available. I used the Primer and the Banana Powder, and I can only say that I don’t go back. They have become part of my beauty routine forever!

1. Dermablend Quick-Fix – Correcting powder pigments for blemishes:

It is color concealer makeup that instantly transforms from powder to cream for easy mixing. Use the green concealer shader as under-eye concealer and facial concealer to neutralize redness on the skin. Formulated with vitamin B3.

It is a green concealer to neutralize and smooth the discoloration of redness on the face and body. Shake the powder on the back of your hand, mix to activate cream, and apply to the target area. Apply before the base.

2. Poresaver ™ Matte Makeup Primer by Dermablend:

This is one of my brand favorites. By applying it, you instantly feel the softness on your skin. Is a mattifying primer for oily skin, formulated with only 6 ingredients. I also recommend it for all skin types, since mine is dry skin and works very well for me. It is applied as a lightweight gel and dries to a smooth, irresistible matte finish that extends makeup wear for 24 hours.

A proven, non-comedogenic pore minimizer that never clogs the skin and mattifier that never dries the skin, all while leaving an irresistibly soft feel. This first matte and pore reducer leaves the skin visibly improved and flawless during use.

3. Dermablend Body Makeup – Base Stick, waterproof body concealer for blemishes and tattoos:

East makeup concealer Long lasting and full coverage provides a natural finish. Perfect coverage for a variety of skin blemishes: birthmarks, blemishes, dark spots, scars, and bruises. Can also be used to cover tattoos. Tested for use on sensitive skin.

The concealer without drying provides up to 16 hours of wear. Dermatologist tested. For use, slide concealer over desired area. Use your finger to mix. Apply additional coats if necessary and fix with powder.

4. Powder Dermablend:

The loose setting powder brightens weightless makeup while brightening complexion. Formulated with a banana hue and pearl pigments to provide a warm, luminous glow while instantly brightening your complexion.

Suitable for all skin types. Developed in yellow tones for a never flat look, naturally flawless in all skin tones. Provides up to 16 hours of uniform color use

5. Liquid highlighter makeup – Dermablend Glow Creator:

The liquid highlighter makeup Contains highly concentrated pearls to provide instant luminosity for a glow lit from within. Safe for all skin types, this oil-free, water-free highlighter makeup can be built, mixed, and customized so you can create your ideal glow. The makeup highlighter stays on all day. It can be used on the face and body.

The facial illuminator is available in four light shades and is suitable for all skin tones. Pearl: light pink tone with silver pearls; ideal for fresher skin tones. Gold: golden tone with golden pearls; ideal for warmer skin tones. Glitter: a champagne shade with silver pearls; Ideal for all nuances. Peach: a peach shade with golden pearls; ideal for warmer tones.