Let’s talk about fashion! In Shopping GuideWe love being able to share the best product recommendations in all categories for each member of the family. And in this case we address the woman.

In a market as competitive today as fashion, only the best remain firm day by day, and such is the case of the Venezuelan designer Jo Aguirre; who this year celebrates 10 years with the brand that bears his own name.

Jo Aguirre is a young professional from Caracas, a fashion designer, who grew up with the desire to enter the world of fashion from her earliest childhood. Currently she is known under her own signature Jo Aguirre and as a true artist when creating uses the slogan “Fashion is an art” fashion is an art, which he uses since the beginning of 2009 when his creations came to life.

This year he presents us with several collections where Aguirre is inspired by women who have successfully transcended each challenge presented to them wherever they are. In each piece made up of dresses, skirts, blouses, bathing suits, handbags, among others, it reflects pure joy, art, and glamor; accessible to every woman.

It show us Tropical state of mind, Inspired by the tropical climate, where she shares pieces of swimwear with the iconic pineapple design and designs for all types of bodies. He also shares a collection for mothers and daughters inspired by emoticons; also of stars. All designed with a touch of joviality and fun.

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This designer who today delivers true pieces of art in each of her designs, whether in your ready-to-wear line, resort, swimwear, clutches and totes, He began his formal studies in Venezuela, at the prestigious Institute of Brivil Design and later went to the United States to deepen them at the renowned Art Institute. With his characteristic use of the color fuchsia As a cover letter, Jo Aguirre combines bright color palettes with phrases and touches of irreverence, to address a cosmopolitan and successful woman.

The precision of its cuts made with laser technology is the “DNA” of its namesake signature. Its exclusive ready-to-wear line has presented innovative collections since 2013, with “Bon Voyage” and “Citizen of the world” being some of the most recent.

Jo Aguirre with some pieces from his collection. To the left Daysla Cancel, editor of Shopping Guide. On the right, Jo Aguirre, during his visit to the offices of El Diario NY.

The prestige earned by the firm in its 10 years has given rise to Jo Aguirre Corporate, an exclusive uniform design service for companies of the highest level. Avior Airlines, Estelar Airlines, Mercantil Seguros VIP service, Idiomas Ruge, and soon Albatros Airlines, who currently use uniforms designed and made in Jo Aguirre’s workshops.

The constant renewal in his designs and his indisputable commercial success keep Jo Aguirre in the most important design boutiques in Venezuela and the continent, with first contacts with Europe in late 2018.

Here are some of his pieces:


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