The properties of spirulina are thousands, some of its benefits is that it is in charge of cleaning your body, kidneys and liver, it even prevents them from forming bacteria in the urinary tract and mushrooms form. It also improves your vision and is perfect if you want to detoxify naturally. You can find spirulina in powder and capsules. They have the same benefits, so choose the one that suits you best.

1. Zhou Nutrition: improves digestion and regenerates intestinal flora

By consuming spirulina it helps to regenerate your intestinal flora, with this it will help you to go to the bathroom better and have no constipation or colitis problem. It also has a high fiber content so it improves digestion, in a matter of days. The spirulina is perfect to consume it for breakfast, it can be in a smoothie, bowl, smoothie.

The consumption of a tablespoon of spirulina Powder, because if you consume too much it can cause irritation or make your stomach loose. So be moderate with your consumption.

2. Triquetra Health: give your body a detox and cleanse your body

The spirulina in capsules is perfect, if you have little time for breakfast, because with this you can absorb its benefits in minutes. If you are dieting or want to feel lighter doing a detox, spirulina helps control appetite and cleanse your body from its first consumption. Help to cleanse the kidneys so you will go more to the bathroom.

You should only consume one tablet a day. This is an organic spirulina that is chemical free, vegan and gluten free. This packaging has 120 spirulina capsules.

3. Zazzee: take care of your immune system and reduce cholesterol

The spirulina algae has vitamins B12, calcium and magnesium which helps you not get sick in any season, helps to raise your defenses. It also helps lower cholesterol levels. Always accompany the consumption of this superfood with ingredients such as oats, chia or maca, to increase its benefits.

This spirulina is in powder and is totally organic, you can combine with water or milk. The ideal is that you consume it in the morning so that it works in your body all day.

4. NOW: gives you energy, you will feel more awake

You can also crush spirulina capsules and combine it with some ingredient from your breakfast. Spirulina in addition to serving to cleanse your body, improving your digestion helps you have more energy without the need for caffeine. It will help feel lighter and awake

If you choose to consume spirulina capsules, then consume one daily in the morning and do not chew them, it is better to swallow them. This spirulina has 4.4 stars and it has an excellent price.