Liquid chlorophyll an ally for inflammation.

Liquid chlorophyll has very important health benefits, one of the main ones is that it helps aging as it makes cells and tissues stay firm. Another is that it can help improve blood production and the best is that it can detoxify your body, prevent inflammation, make you feel full and can prevent stomach gases. Know how long chlorophyll is taken and when it is ideal for you to consume it.

1. Benevolent Nourishment: improve your digestion to prevent you from feeling full and then swollen

After eating or a very heavy dinner is the ideal time to consume chlorophyll, you only need one or two drops in a glass of water. Liquid chlorophyll helps improve digestion and with this avoid that you feel very inflamed. One of the benefits of liquid chlorophyll is that it can eliminate the best breath, with this you will no longer have to brush your teeth after eating.

You can consume chlorophyll at any time of the day. Even as a refreshing drink. The Chlorophyll taste is like mint.

2. NOW Foods: is a detox to drink on an empty stomach and cleanse the body

Liquid chlorophyll can also be consumed on an empty stomach, this benefits to cleanse your body, prevent inflammation and prevents you from retaining fluids. Liquid chlorophyll is a detox without being abrasive and that will make you feel satisfied to prevent binge eating. You only need to combine a few drops with water and that’s it. You don’t need to add more.

This liquid chlorophyll is 16 ounces, so it will serve you for several months. How long is chlorophyll taken for? The you can consume daily, but you should not exceed the dose, the recommended is 5ml every day.

3. World Organics: prevents retention of stomach fluids and gasess

Sometimes certain foods can make you feel very inflamed and this causes stomach gas and fluid retention. Liquid chlorophyll will help your digestion improve, and this prevents you from feeling too full. Other benefits of chlorophyll is that it has a high iron content, so it helps better calcium absorption in the bones.

If you want to give it a little flavor you can put a few drops of lemon. You do not need a lot of chlorophyll, although this does not have a measuring tablespoon, you can use a coffee tablespoon to put it in your water and not go over the measure.