Five options to replace your iPhone USB cable.

With the use that we give to our cell phone and its charger, it is common for the cables to break and leave us without an alternative to charge the phones. If you have a iPhone and you are looking for a replacement cable that is not Apple, we have some models that may interest you.

1. Cable AmazonBasics

At 6 feet long, this white usb cable is from the brand AmazonBasics and offers a simple solution to charge your iPhone. It is available in 4 colors and certified by Apple. In addition, it has a 1-year warranty.

It is the cheapest product on the list, priced at $ 7.99 and with great resistance to breakage, depending on the brand. Some customers encountered problems using this cable with their Apple devices, although they highlight its long warranty time.

2. Pack of 2 cables AmazonBasics

This is the same cable model as the previous product, only with a length of 3 feet and in a pack of These cables AmazonBasics They are available in 5 colors and certified by Apple.

Although they are shorter than the previous product, you can have two cables for a price of $ 11.98. This cable also has a 1 year warranty from Amazon and great resistance to breakage.

3. Nylon cable AmazonBasics

With a stronger design, this cable iPhone It has a nylon coating that protects it against breakage. It is 6 feet long and is available in featured colors such as pink, gold, silver, and dark gray. It has the guarantee of Amazon 1 year and is certified by Apple.

The best-selling product on the list, priced at $ 12.99. Some customers found malfunctions, but the quality of its nylon-coated cable stands out.

4. Pack of 3 cables Takagi

These takagi cables They have a nylon coated design and a length of 6 feet. Is a pack of 3 cables, which are reinforced with the nylon braided design, which makes them more resistant to breaks or breaks.

With a 33% discount, this pack has priced at $ 9.99 and it is one of the best valued products in Amazon. It has a great price-quality ratio, as it includes 3 cables of 6 feet each. Customers claim they work great and quickly charge their devices.

5. Pack of 5 cables of different lengths of Ayngwrnb

With this pack of 5 cables You will have: 2 of 3 feet in length, 2 of 6 feet and 1 of 10 feet. The wide variety of lengths included in this product allows you to have a cable in different rooms of the house, in the office and in the car, using the cable that best suits each space. In addition, these cables feature a reinforced nylon design to prevent breakage.

For price of $ 10.99You can have 5 cables of different lengths and never run out of charger again. On the other hand, this is one of the best rated products, with 4.3 stars in Amazon. Clients highlight its great performance, both for loading devices and for passing files.