On this Black Friday, enjoy discounts and promotions on hair products. We are looking for dryers and flat irons that will help comb and show off incredible hair. They are different items of different prices, which can prevent them from mistreating your hair if you use them correctly. Discounts may vary, some are only for a few hours so take advantage. These flat irons and hair dryers are great tools to show off amazing hair for college, work, and big events.

1. Brush that straightens hair without hurting it

This is a brush that straightens the hair, one of its benefits is that it cares for the hair follicles, it prevents you from having frizz because it cares for the moisture in your hair, it gives it shine and softness. It can reach a temperature of up to 450ºF. It heats up in 30 seconds, so you don’t have to wait that long to straighten your hair. Includes a glove, so you can work your hair more easily. Have a 28% off discount.

2. Hair dryer that dries hair in less than 10 minutes

This dryer helps dry your hair in less than 10 minutes thanks to its negative ions. Eliminates static, prevents frizz, has a diffuser to protect hair from high temperatures. An ideal dryer to comb your hair in minutes. It has a 38% discount.

3. Frizz-preventing hair straightener

This hair straightener can prevent frizz and that fluffy hair that can ruin your hairstyle. It is an iron that can eliminate frizz and frizz in less than 8 minutes. Includes a heat resistant glove so you can comb your hair very well without burning yourself. Have a 50% discount on this Black Friday.

4. Hair dryer with 2 speeds that speed up drying

This hair dryer has 2 speeds and a hot or cold temperature. It has deep infrared ceramic heat penetration to dry your hair in less time. Diffusers help keep air from breaking through your hair. This week of Black Friday is 37% off.

5. Smoothing brush from root to tip

Hair irons are not only flat anymore, there are already many alternatives. This is a brush that can straighten your hair from roots to ends, thanks to being a brush it can straighten more and better. It has 3 temperatures, which you can modify. This brush is easier to straighten your hair than a regular iron. It has a 33% discount.