Forget about the bad odor on your feet with these products.

A shower, a good deodorant and a delicious perfume is all it takes to go outside fresh and with a good aroma, right? The problem is that most people often forget that their feet they also need their own deodorant, so that in addition to preventing Bad smell, you can also prevent all kinds of fungal and fungal conditions. That is why this time we recommend the best products for remove bad odor from feet, and so you can take off your shoes with confidence and tranquility.

1. Spray deodorant tea tree oil

The deodorant is formulated with 7 pure essential oils and 11 useful botanicals. It is a product free of aggressive chemicals.

It not only neutralizes bad odor, it also acts as a moisturizer to control odors and promote healthier feet.

2. Foot sense– Long-lasting deodorant powder

Made from 100% natural zinc oxide and other botanical ingredients. The deodorant is compatible with any remedy for fungi.

In addition to neutralize bad odor of your feet, it will also act on jock itch and athlete’s foot since zinc oxide contains antifungal properties.

3. DoctorCare Plus: spray deodorant for sensitive skin

The deodorant is formulated based on essential oils, fresh mint, tea tree, eucalyptus and thyme. A powerful blend that destroys the tough odor of feet and shoes from all kinds of activities in every type of shoe.

It is powerful enough to eliminate the strongest odor of your most used sports shoes, and safe and soft enough for the most sensitive skin.

4. Rocket Pure: deodorant with natural ingredients

Formulated with natural ingredients like thyme and mint, is free of harmful or toxic chemicals, additives and parabens.

Effectively fights bacteria that cause the bad odor of your feet and shoes. When you apply it you feel a sensation of freshness.