One of the most notable changes in aging is the accumulation of fat in the area under the chin, which we commonly call it dewlap. This causes the face to be seen with more weight than your body generally has, and without a defined shape. Fortunately for being a common problem among many people, there is a wide variety of products on the market to help you eliminate it and be able to define your face shape again. Check out some below.

1. Reusable silicone band – Vivor Beauty:


Band made entirely of silicone which allows to relax the entire neck area and contributes to improve circulation in this area to eliminate the double chin. This lightweight strap is very comfortable to wear and provides a relaxing action on the jaw and jaw.

Practical, easy to use and with clinically proven results, these silicone strips are a complete treatment that helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates the double chin and contributes to improving circulation in the area.

2. Firming cream Yeouth:

Yeouth is a firming cream Composed with natural antioxidant and green tea ingredients, such as polyphenols and argireline, which help fight free radicals to prevent aging.

Its formula helps relax the neck muscles to decrease wrinkles and keep your skin firm. Plus, it contains Vitamin C to enhance the collagen your skin needs to stay young.

3. Lifting mask – ChinUp Mask:

A full kit It includes an easily adjustable shaping band, interchangeable strips with a formula made from olive oil, aloe vera, mint, apples and citrus extracts, and a tape measure. The shaping band features a cotton lining that makes it much more comfortable.

Completely remove the double chin and give your neck a slimmer and healthier shape just by using the band 30 minutes a day.