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If you have the dull yellow teeth you may have accumulated tartar. Tartar it is very common to accumulate in your teeth as it is the result of the accumulation of food and waste between the gums and teeth.

It is easy to identify if you have tartar, as it is yellow in color and looks rough to the touch. Beyond an aesthetic problem, tartar interacts with certain foods, releases an acid and produces cavities. Drinking a lot of coffee, soda, smoking, and drinking alcohol cause stains on the teeth and encourage the development of tartar. Here we share the best options to combat this unpleasant evil for yourself:

1. Periogen rinse for complete oral health that removes the plate and tartar:

Periogen It naturally improves oral health as it is the only mouthwash that really focuses on dental tartar buildup, the true cause of gingivitis and gum disease.

The oral care industry since the 1960s has sold colorful, minty, and hard mouthwashes that do nothing for oral health, temporarily refresh your breath, and destroy much-needed and delicately balanced oral flora in every mouth with every application. Worse yet, since most of these products are acidic and can promote tartar formation and damage enamel! Periogen’s unique combination of proven safe ingredients prevents the build-up of dental plaque build-up on tartar. Periogen is ideal for controlling tartar buildup in children with braces and adults with implants or bridges, or at any age.

2. Tools kit – tartar remover:

Simple and easy teeth cleaning with DIY. Smile Dent Pro tooth cleaning tools help you clean between the spaces in your teeth where normal toothbrushes do not go. These are tools prepared by the dentist that have been made taking into account so that any adult can use these instruments following the instruction manual.

The Smile Dent Pro dental hygiene kit It will help you achieve the best dental care for you and your family. While these instruments do not replace your regular visits to the dentist, they definitely help improve the cleanliness of your teeth and reduce bad breath. Comfortable Travel Case – This professional dental tool kit comes with a travel case to take your dental kit with you wherever you go.

3. Tooth powder, protector of tartar:

Enzymatic cleansing action, with a fresh mint flavor. Is a formula to treat plaque on teeth, with ingredients of natural origin, without cruelty, without SLS.

4. TheraSol To dissolve and remove tartar:

TheraSol Tartar Control (concentrated powder) (3 oz. bottle) TheraSol Tartar Dissolver dissolves tartar that builds up around the teeth. Even the hardest tartar will become smooth enough to be removed. It does this by reversing the way tartar is formed in the first place. When oral bacteria die, the minerals in saliva make them into miniature, brick-shaped fossils that adhere to positively charged calcium phosphate crystals in teeth. The smallest calcium phosphate salts in saliva fill the gaps between fossilized bacteria like mortar between bricks.

Repeated applications of TheraSol Tartar Control neutralize ionic charges between calcium phosphate salts, gradually loosening their bonds with each other and with the tooth, gradually dissolving the outer layers and softening the lower layers so that they can be removed. Tartar takes months to form, so it can take a few weeks to completely reverse the process with repeated applications and brushing.

How to use? TheraSol Tartar Dissolver is a highly concentrated powder. Dilute with running water before use. For moderate tartar, mix 1 tablespoon (provided) in ½ cup of warm water. 2 tablespoons for heavy calculation. Shake vigorously for 2 minutes, 2x / day.