With proper care you can restore health to your hair …

As we already know, the passage of time, the weather, the chemicals and so many other things affect the health of our hair.

The brightness is gone, it gets weak and with less volume. The use of chemicals such as dyes, also by the use of the hairdryer or the hair straighteners, our hair suffers. So, here are several product options that are a success for hair care and they will restore health to it.

Conditioning cream Queen Helene cholesterol test:

The quick rinse formula, uses deep conditioning cholesterol to replenish moisture to thirsty and over-processed hair. With use, the hair regains its softness, a healthy shine and long-lasting manageability.

2. Almond oil mask of Nature’s Oil:

A mask to hydrate hair, it avoids frizz, it gives movement and texture is to combine avocado, an egg yolk and almond oil. Just mix until you have a solid consistency. Let it sit for about 30 minutes and rinse. Opt for shampoo that is free of sulfates and parabens.

Apply this mask at least 2 times a week so that you notice results. It is important that you reduce the use of heat products if you have dry hair, because even if you apply the mask you still generate damage to your hair.

3. Argan oil shampoo First Botany Cosmeceuticals:

Shampoo that repairs damaged hair, balances the scalp, controls frizz and strengthens hair. Argan oil helps to give hydration, moisturization and adequate moisture to the hair, so your hair will have shine and little by little it will be able to recover.

This shampoo has argan oil, avocado and peach to have a greater vitamin content. It does not matter if your hair is straight, Chinese or curly, it can be used by any type of colored hair or not. You can even wash your extensions or wigs with this shampoo.

4. Trepairing treatment of colored hair – JOICO:

This treatment It is ideal if you have dry hair or it is very damaged, since it acts from the roots to the ends to strengthen and shine each hair. Deep repair and color care, so don’t worry about losing the vibrancy of your hair. You will notice in a few weeks strong and shiny hair.

It must be applied to damp hair, leave to act for 5 minutes with a massage and then rinse. Use it twice a week and always use a sulfate and paraben free shampoo to avoid creating more damage.

5. Brazilian Bottox:

Bottox Expert It is a thermal mask of botox with effect of 8 weeks with a single application. With a unique technology formula that combines marine collagen and glutamic acid with almond oil.

Is mask Keratin and thermal botox was developed to recover hair extremely damaged by daily aggressions, promote deep hydration and a smoothing effect, keeping hair aligned, nourished, strong, healthy and frizz-free.