A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the big toe or both feet. It can appear to both men and women. These usually appear due to physiological inheritance, bone diseases such as arthritis, or tension between the toes.

The skin over the bunion constantly becomes red, sore and creates discomfort when using certain types of shoe. Bunions get worse and are more painful when wearing very tight or narrow shoes on the front of the foot.

Here I share some options so that your bunions are not so painful:

1. Use creams to relieve pain and improve skin:

Foot cream – PurSources Urea:

PurSources Urea 40% t foot creame helps to have soft feet easily and quickly. Among its ingredients it contains aloe vera, chamomile and tea tree. Use it every day at bedtime.

Deeply hydrates and softens your feet. This urea cream is commonly used to reduce itching and prevent dry, flaky skin. The cream’s pure formula is for all skin types. It is the # 1 best seller on Amazon within its category.

A specialist foot doctor, such as a podiatrist, should also be consulted for other recommendations.

2. Use comfortable shoes:

Orthopedic tennis – Orthofeet Coral:

These sneakers They include an orthopedic insole with anatomical arch support, a cushioning heel cushion that conforms to the contour of the foot while walking, and cushioned material for around the feet. It comes in 3 colors to choose from.

The sole system of these sneakers is lightweight with air cushioning that softens the step. They provide comfort and help relieve pain in the heel, foot, up to the knees, hips and lower back as a benefit of its design; It biomechanically relieves stress on the joints, improves stability and helps facilitate foot movement. It is within the TOP 50 best sellers on Amazon in its category.

How do you know if a bunion is developing? Some signs are:

    • If you feel an inflammation and redness around the big toe
    • If you notice a bump on the outside of your big toe
    • If you notice protruding calluses in the area
    • If you feel continuous pain in the area
    • Among others

3. Stretch your shoes with a wooden shoe stretcher:

Cedar Shoe Trees – Shoe Care Accessories:

Cedar Shoe Trees Stretch both the length and width of your shoes for a wider, more personalized fit at all times. Can be used for right and left shoes. The front and rear sections are made of original polished cedar wood. All mechanical parts are made of metal. This cedar shoe stretcher has a separate heel that rolls independently of the front of the wooden foot. Available in 3 sizes for both men and women.

Shoe Tree is best used to stretch new shoes or loosen older shoes that are too tight. It is suitable for sandals, casual shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, heels, peep toes, fashion shoes, flats, pointed shoes, skates, wedges, leather shoes, oxfords, and tennis shoes. Works well with leather, suede, and other natural materials. You get it on Amazon for less than $ 25.