Have the hair Dull and weak shouldn’t be something you’re going through, when today there is an infinite variety of products that help you restore and nourish it like when you had virgin hair. With ampoules, botox, masks and many more, you can restore the health your hair needs. See below some of those products that we recommend you try to improve the appearance of your hair with its proper use.

1. Salerm ampoules of Vegetable placenta:

This product It is based on a vegetable placenta. When applied, it will begin to strengthen the root, so it will prevent hair loss and make it very soft and silky. In addition, it will give shine without having a greasy feeling. Its smell is herbal and it is recommended to apply it after the shower.

The treatment has more than 90 sales with a total of 74% satisfaction. Also its price is very economical to contain 4 ampoules.

2. Conditioning cream Queen Helene cholesterol test:

The quick rinse formula, uses deep conditioning cholesterol to replenish moisture to thirsty and over-processed hair. With use, the hair regains its softness, a healthy shine and long-lasting manageability.

3. Treatment Palmer’s olive oil:

If you want protection, increased moistening and nutrition an olive oil mask It will help your dry hair recover. This hair mask is made from olive oil, sage extract, keratin, and soy protein that help strengthen hair, make it silky and manageable, and helps seal split ends.

The vitamins of olive oil help promote hair growth naturally. If you have oily hair and dry ends, it is important that you put very little product on the ends, otherwise it could make your hair more greasy.

4. Kit Majestic Hair Botox:

Majestic Hair Botox is an advanced hair straightening and repair formula. The treatment repairs damaged and broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, vitamins B5, E and collagen complexes, which guarantee to hydrate, nourish, repair and revitalize hair from the first use, adding shine, softness and elimination of frizz.

The main benefit of this treatment is that it has the ability to repair split ends. There is no way Botox for hair will harm or weaken its integrity, which is quite possible with keratin treatments that are too strong as they supply too much protein to the hair shaft. Majestic Hair Botox is formaldehyde-free and formulated to rinse before ironing your hair, adding more comfort at the time of treatment and eliminating smoke and odors unlike normal keratin treatment. The KIT includes: 300 ml clarifying shampoo – Step 1, Treatment with botox for hair 300 ml – Step 2, Regenerating shampoo 300 ml – Step 3, 300 ml replenishing conditioner – Step 4, 300 ml cream.

5. Leave-In with keratin:

To complement a keratin treatmentThis is a product to take care of split ends, give it more strength, provide softness and repair it in dry and lifeless areas. You can apply it after showering and always from medium to ends. If your hair is oily, thick, Chinese or curly, it is perfect for you, as the texture will not be heavy for your hair.

Many women like it, because you will notice changes in a short time, it is ideal for colored hair and they have noticed fewer split ends. Do not exceed the use in each application, as it may feel very heavy. It has 85% satisfaction.