Do not continue to suffer, when there are options to be better …

What shame sometimes it gives us to talk about number two! However, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, said that all disease begins with the intestine and I believe him. Your intestinal health says a lot about how your general health is.

There are doctors who say that it depends on each one and how normal it can be once or twice a week. I personally disagree. In most holistic and integrative health approaches we understand that a complete evacuation should be the norm at least once a day. When I say complete, I mean that after going to the bathroom you don’t feel like it, feeling that something was left wanting to leave. Feces are the product of waste, toxins and material that your body does not need, therefore it eliminates it. When the stool stays in your intestines for a long time, it ferments and creates gases, which in turn cause bloating. Look at it this way, What if you stop taking out the trash in your house for a whole week?

If you can read an entire magazine while sitting on the toilet – it takes more than 10 minutes – or have to push a lot (= hemorrhoids, auch), it is not normal. To improve your bathroom experience, add natural fiber like fruits and vegetables to your diet. You can also use probiotics – preferably entericcoated and only for 28 days in a row, not for the rest of your life– or consume ferments and especially drink WATER.

Another tool we are fans of at home is the stool. Our body is not designed to go to the bathroom sitting. The muscles that are responsible for supporting and releasing the fecal eses (aka sphincter) relax more easily when we squat or squat. If you put your legs up on a stool while sitting on the toilet, you are going to help the sphincter to come loose and everything to come out easily, without pushing or pain.

Below, I share several stool options with you so you can start creating a better bathroom experience.

  1. You can start using a version like this It is stored under the toilet and does not take up much space:

If you have kids at home or there are higher family members than others, you can use a convertible alternative which has two heights like this:

  1. If you want one slightly more minimalist alternative you can go for this option:
  2. If you prefer one cheaper option and diverse, you can choose a folding option

By: Mayra Ortiz-Nieves

Women’s Health Coach

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Licensed Massage Therapist