By taking care of them you will have them as soft as a baby’s buttocks!

Have them cracked nipples and sore is a very common problem in women. There are 2 main reasons why this is very possible. First as a result of the weather, mainly when it is very cold, and second because of breastfeeding.

When the nipples are cracked by cold weather and breastfeeding, they tend to always be very dry and with some injuries. What is most worrying is that the healing and scarring process is usually slow and painful. Fortunately, there are some solutions that with natural ingredients can speed recovery and restore health to your nipples.

Check out some below:

1. Nipple balm organic honest:

Made with certified organic ingredients. This organic nipple balm Helps relieve irritation and helps revitalize tender, sore, or damaged nipples. It is applied to the nipple area after each lactation and as often as necessary.

2. Cream Mommyz love:

East nipple balm and all other Mommyz Love products are lovingly created by a nursing mother with a mission to enhance the breastfeeding trips of as many other mothers as possible.

Odorless and easy to absorb. This nipple balm is odorless so your baby won’t notice a difference when you wear it. It is also specially formulated to quickly absorb into your skin without the need to apply a lot of pressure.

3. Lansinoh – Nipple ointment:

Lansinoh lanolin is a brand recognized worldwide. It is a treatment created with a patented refining process. Lansinoh uses Ultra-Pure, medical lanolin to help heal sores that are sore, cracked, dry, and lacking in hydration. It is the Top 1 best seller in Amazon within its category with over 3 thousand reviews.

4. Natural nipple butter Earth Mama Angel Baby:

The organic nipple butter Rich in natural botanicals, it is a non-sticky, lanolin-free nipple cream for breastfeeding and dry skin. With organic herbs traditionally used to calm and hydrate nipples and dry skin.

It is 100% organic, not petroleum, parabens or lanolin and it is not necessary to wash it before breastfeeding. Chosen by the hospital’s NICUs, dermatologist-tested, and clinically tested for irritation. Oregon Tilth certified.