Stop having bad times by always having dandruff everywhere …

Studies affirm that the most common cause of dandruff, is due to a fungus that is found naturally in the skin. For remove dandruff it is recommended to use products that eliminate or prevent the appearance of fungi, also shampoos that are mild, take care of our scalp and are not aggressive with the PH of our skin.

Dandruff is also often associated with hormonal imbalances, stress, anxiety, heavy sweating and excess oil in the hair. When dandruff develops, it is due to alterations of the microorganisms in the dermis, which cause irritation of the scalp.

Here we recommend some products to treat dandruff.

1. Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo:


Shampoo for him dandruff treatment with sodium, jojoba, argan and organic tea tree oil. Suitable for men and women.

One of the most original and best-selling Maple Holistics formulas can help you eliminate dandruff in an easy and natural way. Does not contain aggressive ingredients, sulfates or parabens; It is free and vegan and is safe for hair treated with coloring.

2. Oil Shampoo Tea tree:


Contains tea tree oil to relieve dryness and itching on your scalp. Its formula is the last intervention of sulfates, so it is soft so your hair is treated with color or is curly.

Mix herbal ingredients and oils, such as jojoba, coconut, avocado, almond, and keratin oil. Repairs and strengthens your hair naturally and helps you get rid of free radicals.

3. Shampoo Aveeno apple cider vinegar:

East apple cider vinegar shampoo purifies the scalp by cleaning it thoroughly, avoiding and reducing the appearance of dandruff. This shampoo has oatmeal, this will give your hair softness, shine and nutrients it needs. If you have scalp and very dry ends, you can alternate the use with an argan shampoo or coconut oil.

To have a complete treatment for dandruff, you need to continuously use products with apple cider vinegar, it can be a conditioner, shampoo or some styling cream. Always let your hair dry before going to sleep.