They often produce a lot of pain and bleeding …

Having hemorrhoids It can happen to men and women of any age.

As a home remedy to ease pain, you can take a bath by filling the bathtub or tub, and soak in warm water or room temperature. This helps to relax the muscles in the area so that you do not have pain when evacuating, nor suffer cuts. Suffering from these problems can cause very intense pain, itching, and constantly hurting the area.

Other treatments you can use to heal can be ointments and creams, some with a numbing agent to give you relief longer. Check out some options that we share below. And remember to avoid spicy foods, high in sodium; and keep the affected area as clean and fresh as possible.

1. PREPARATION H – Refreshing anti-inflammatory gel:

PREPARATION H Refreshing Gel contains Vitamin E and Aloe vera. Its proprietary formula provides relief from external hemorrhoid symptoms such as pain, burning and itching. Each box includes a tube with 51g of cream

East clear gel it does not leave a greasy sensation, it does not stain and it does not have an unpleasant odor. Its formula temporarily reduces inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue.

Always consult with a health expert before using any medication or treatment for your health care.

2. Cream HemoTreat:

HemoTreat Cream contains an innovative formula with 6 active ingredients that provide quick relief from pain, swelling, burning, bleeding, and itching. This cream has managed to pass the most demanding laboratory tests.

The hemorrhoidal cream HemoTreat is more efficient than any pillow, ointment, and suppository available on the market. This product is easy to apply and is designed to stimulate and aid in the recovery process.

3. Treatment Dr. Cole’s Herbal Remedies:

The Dr. Cole’s ointment It is formulated with organic herbs and is recommended for treating both internal and external hemorrhoids. This item comes in a metal jar that is easy to open, use, and store.

This formula is completely safe to be used by patients of any age. The presentation comes with an instruction booklet and a free sample of constipation balm.