Herpes is not dangerous, but it must be controlled to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to the website Planned Parenthood, herpes is a very common virus mainly in adults, which causes sores in the genital area and in the mouth. Whatever the area where you have it, it can be very annoying, uncomfortable, and painful. It is an infection that once appears, unfortunately remains in the body for life. More than half of Americans suffer from oral herpes and 1 in 6 suffer from genital herpes. Herpes outbreaks can cause discharge and itching in the affected area; and it is an infection that can come and go at any time.

Herpes is spread by skin-to-skin contact of the infected area, during vaginal, oral, anal, and kissing. Herpes is mainly contagious when the sores are open and wet, since the secretion of them is easily spread as a virus. Although there is no cure, there are medications that can calm and control symptoms, as well as decrease the chances of spreading the virus to other people. And rest assured, because people with herpes have sex, and regular contact with other people and live a very normal and totally healthy life!

If you think you suffer from herpes, you should undergo a viral herpes culture test with your GP.

1. Tablets Herplex:

East herpes treatment reduces the symptoms of virus outbreaks throughout the body. With no side effects, this formula is safe and is regulated by the FDA. It comes in tablets to ingest by mouth, and among its ingredients is lysine, which is one of the most important against genital herpes.

To make its use more effective, simply treatment begins at the first sign of symptoms. You can also combine it with a ointment for the virus, and thus feel greater relief and have a quick cure.

2. Cream HerpaOne:

HerpaOne It is made with lysine, zinc, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass, peppermint oil, and homeopathic components to treat sores, herpes symptoms, and skin rashes without causing pain.

This natural cream relieves itching and burning caused by sensitive ulcers and herpes lesions. Produces instant relief and quick improvement for irritated skin. Available in Amazon for less than $ 30.

3. Formula HERP RESCUE:

This treatment works as a 100% natural immune system booster for herpes. It can prevent flare-ups and also speed healing of those that are already active. Contains the ingredients Lysine, Vitamin C, Zinc, Oregano Oil, Prunella Vulgaris, Red Seaweed, Bee Propolis, and Olive Leaf Extract. FDA approved in the United States.

HERP RESCUE It is a very effective formula mainly for prevention of herpes activation, as helps produce antibodies. You find it within TOP 5 health supplements best sellers in Amazon.

4. Cream treatment – Abreva:

Abreva is a treatment for cold sores, which from the first application calms pain, burning and itching. It has ingredients like benzyl alcohol, light mineral oil, propylene glycol, purified water, and sucrose distearate. Although it is a small product, from the first application you will notice improvements and you will see how you do not need to finish the entire product.

The sooner you use it, the faster your cold sore will heal. It is recommended to use for 5 continuous days. The cream may be a little white and thick; but very effective.

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