New in technology!

Among the technology accessories you can use, the smart ring they are one of the least known, but perhaps it can be useful in your daily life. It is a ring-shaped accessory, which Thanks to its NFC technology it serves to unlock certain devices, doors and more. In general, these rings are sought to replace different cards or passwords, and make your life easier.

For the included chip, in these rings you can configure access to different spaces where you need a magnetic card, like work, gym or even your home, with all the keys in one place: your finger. In addition, this ring serves to lock and unlock your cell phone and tablet, to keep your information always safe.

With this smart ring you can also transfer information, configuring it from your cell phone through a dedicated brand application. There you can save your contact information, URLs, emergency contacts and more, to transfer with just one click in your ring. East click or touch with your fingers on the ring can also be used to control different applications.

The smart rings are beginning to gain supporters, for the possibility of transforming into an access key that you will never lose and very elegant, in addition to having other extra functions that make this a very versatile accessory. Here we show you 3 models that you can find in Amazon and its specific functionalities.


Designed in wood, this cnick ring It has an integrated chip to use as an access card, with a distance of 3 to 5 centimeters maximum. It supports both Andoid and iOS, so you can store the information you want inside this small device. This ring is made of wood, making it an ecological accessory, it does not need to be recharged and it is waterproof.

This ring is available in a great variety of sizes and 3 different colors. In Amazon, it is priced under $ 50 for its current discount of 29% and despite being the most expensive, it is the smart ring best seller. Customers mention that it works with most, but not all, high-frequency readers. They also warn that it is a little small and recommend asking for one more size.


Made of ceramic, the mcleear ring It has NFC technology to unlock doors, electronic devices and transfer information. It has two different parts through its texture design, which allows you to configure each of the clicks for a different function.

With less than $ 45This McLear ring is the top rated in the guide and features a design that stands out in ceramic. Customers in Amazon They mention that it is a ring that does what it promises, although its ceramic design is a bit fragile.

3. Leagway

East leagway smart ring It is made of epoxy ceramic glass and has two chips to associate different touches on the ring with different functions. Only works with devices Android or Windows that have NFC technology. No need to recharge your battery and it is waterproof and dustproof.

This is the most economical smart ring in the guide, with less than $ 30 and available in several different sizes. In Amazon, it does not have many reviews, but it is a ring that allows you to replace magnetic cards, block cell phone applications to protect your cell phone and also transfer information.