Take selfies in the best light.

The key to photography is undoubtedly light, good lighting makes objects look better. In the selfies, the light is also a determining factor, since a frontal and even lighting will make your photo more flattering, without strange shadows. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a light that favors you, but in those moments you can count on a ring light and have the best photos.

1. Auxiwa

East ring light It is installed as a clip on the top of your cell phone, being a very portable accessory and easy to use anywhere. It has a rechargeable battery and a circular light with 3 levels of intensity. It is 3 x 3 x 1 inches in size, making it very easy to carry when you go out or on a trip.

For his price of $ 13.99, East Auxiwa accessory It is one of the cheapest in the guide. It is very versatile and compact, so it can be used for a wide variety of photos both inside and outside the home. You can use this accessory both with the front or rear camera, use the light to put on makeup, light a video call from your computer and much more.

2. Wobrikosee

This is another model of clip for the phone, but one that stands out more from the device. The ring light Wobrikosee has a semi oval shape, with a button in the center, which allows you to select between white, cold or warm light when you press it, and if you slide your finger on the button you can choose between the 8 intensity levels of the accessory.

The wobrikosee accessory It is the best rated in the guide, priced at $ 10.89. In Amazon, customers highlight that it is a rechargeable product, very compact and that offers a wide range of lighting for all types of photos.

3. UBeesize

This is a ring light which comes bundled with a tripod UBeesize to give it a more professional style. The light has a diameter of 8 ’’ and can vary between 3 shades. The tripod extends from 17.5 ’’ to 51 ’’ thanks to its aluminum design. It also includes a remote control to take the best photos from a distance.

Although it is the most expensive accessory on the list, with a price of $ 31.99, it is also the best seller in Amazon. This accessory offers versatility to be able to take all kinds of photos in better light, and not only selfies. In addition, it is a product that can be used in two ways: as a tripod only or a tripod with ring light.

4. KeShi

Another tripod with ring light included, of the KeShi brand. This accessory differs by placing the cell phone in the center of the light ring, which measures 10 ’’ in diameter, which makes the lighting more even. This tripod can also be transformed into selfie stick, expanding the uses that can be given to this KeShi accessory.

With a price of $ 29.99, East ring light It offers 3 types of light and 10 different levels of intensity, many more than any other accessory in the guide. Its tripod can extend from 14.56 ’’ to 65 ’’, making it a product that can be used sitting or standing.

5. UBeesize

In this UBeesize accessory we have a flexible cell phone holder, along with a small ring light. This product has a clip, which can be attached to any table, and two flexible arms: one to hold the cell phone and the other for the light. 3 different types of light can be achieved, in 10 intensity levels and this product is rechargeable.

With a price of $ 11.99, this is the cheapest accessory of the guide and also very versatile. This product is ideal to take out selfies at home, but also to follow a tutorial with a support light, make better video calls and more.