With faith, dedication, effort, security, and this little help, you can do it!

A new year is coming, and with the changes we aspire to continue developing and achieving new goals. Many of us strive and work very dedicatedly giving our best, not only because we like what we do, but also to demonstrate our capacities, skills, experience and dedication in our work. Ideally, our bosses can notice and value everything we offer, and thereby letting them know by increasing our salary.

In these times we need to incorporate into our lives everything that is possible to achieve the things that we want and need, as it is get them to increase our wages in our jobs. While it is true that for us to achieve this we need to demonstrate the value we offer, there are also other resources that can give us a hand, such as amulets and faith. See below some options that you can take with you or place in a special area, to attract good luck and that you finally get the increase that you so much deserve and need.

Money bag in silver:


Accessory to use with bracelets made with 925 Silver. It projects a certain elegance and is very appropriate to use in the office or on any occasion you wish.

It is so light that it does not even bother to use, it is An amulet small that you can take everywhere. You can clean it with a dry cloth to polish it and keep it shiny.

2. Bracelet with chakra beads:

Design of bohemian bracelet, made with jade stones to attract good luck, positive and spiritual energies in terms of union and prosperity.

Jade bracelet that stands out for its striking colored beads, which represent the energy of each chakra and its ability to easily adjust to your wrist.

3. Silver heart 925 with cubic zirconia cross with message “With God everything is possible”:

Perfectly fits bracelets and pendants. It is made of 925 silver material. 100% safe for sensitive skin. Use it daily as a reminder that anything is possible, and that with faith and focus everything you can do it.

4. Green Frog with currency:

The money jade frog it sits on a gold ingot with a chain of copper coins to the rear, representing dignity, treasure, wealth and abundance.

The whole product is charming and has engraved details, representing good luck in your career, business and personal life. It is an excellent choice to give to that special person or just for your own use.

5. Lucky fish amulet – double money bag:


It is An amulet unique collection, made with natural sandalwood. It is handmade and absolutely unique, this blessing keychain is designed with the lucky fish, double money bag with Feng Shui coin charms.

You can use it as a pendant for your bag or keychain, these charms attract good luck, security and abundance. Fish represents well-being, freedom and happiness.

6. LovelyCharms – Amulet of cross and heart with message “I can do everything”:

Amulet for use with bracelets. Include a message that will motivate you to achieve everything you set your mind to. It serves as a reminder so that at all times you can feel the confidence to carry out the things that you propose.