If you are suspicious of something, you need evidence, you need to know what your partner does when you are not present; or to find out what happens in your home or office while you are away, it is always good to have an easy to use spy camera.

The spy cameras They are very practical electronic devices that can help us capture very important moments and situations in total discretion and anonymity.

Look at these options below, to see which is the most convenient for you to achieve the evidence you need:

1. Hidden camera USB:

Mini USB hidden camera. This camera has pre-installed memory. It works for any type of monitoring, such as your baby, the babysitter, coworkers, employees, maids, etc. The camera’s functions are motion detection, charging phones, and recording.

This camera records on a micro SD card hidden inside the charger so that you only have access to the storage through a special USB cable that it brings. You can play back captured footage and copy video. With this completely undetectable spy camera you will make everyone think that it is simply a phone charger.

2. Spy camera on digital clock:

Hidden Spy Camera Perfect Design With 150 ° wide angle lens for home security. This Full HD 1080P camera watch has a hidden camera in what looks like a normal watch. Its transmission is by Wi-Fi through the application IOS / Android connecting to the internet network, playing your live streams from anywhere in the world. Just download the app and follow the instruction book, then you can see everything that happens from your phone, tablet or computer.

The surveillance camera on this watch It is also night vision, motion detection and alarm. Alarm notifications are sent to your cell phone once motion is activated, and snapshots will be taken in the app, and by email when you set it up. It is within TOP 15 best sellers on Amazon.

3. Mini Portable Keychain with hidden camera:

Portable camera on keychain with live streaming and motion activation. It achieves remote viewing and has 128GB SD card storage. It does not produce beeps, lights or noise indicating recording, which makes it very discreet.

You can save the video directly to the micro SD memory card, or you can also save the video to your smartphone or tablet. Allows up to 80 minutes of streaming on a single charge during the day. The camera can also transmit while plugged into AC power, allowing you to run 24/7 with no battery life issues. It is available on Amazon for less than $ 60.

4. Camera on digital watch:

The perfect tool for detectives, journalists or anyone who wants to record a sudden accident, a conversation or any other important situation.

This product is a wrist camera with lens and watch coverage function. makes the camera more imperceptible. Available in Amazon under $ 60.