Suffer from gases it is more common than we think. If after eating, or by the use of medications, for the period, or for any other reason you feel a lot of swelling and inflammation, and you have a lot of gases, it is recommended that you eliminate them naturally. These 3 teas will help you relieve stomach and intestinal discomfort, as they are home remedies for gases.

1. Anise tea Celebration Herbals:

If you ate a lot and you feel your stomach with pain and discomfort, an anise tea will be your best ally. Anise works instantly to relieve gastritis, gas, bloating and even colic pain. It is also ideal for those moments of high stress, it helps you relax and feel better.

It is not heavy and although its flavor can be strong, you can add a few drops of lemon or a little cinnamon. It can be taken by men, women, and even young children. Celebration Herbals is dedicated to offering you the best tasting teas, grown and processed in the most natural way possible and never irradiated. Herbs are grown and harvested to the highest quality control standards.

2. Lemon ginger tea Stash Tea:

Ginger without a doubt it is an element that you should always have at home. It helps a lot to relieve stomach pain, eliminate gas and bloating. With a single cup of tea you will feel much better, it is even a great ally for weight loss.

If your stomach is very sensitive, don’t worry because it contains a touch of lemon, which makes it zero abrasive. Preferably take it hot for it to be more effective.

3. camomile tea or chamomile – Buddha’s Herbs

Without a doubt one of the best home remedies of all time. Chamomile It is a great antispasmodic, it helps your muscles and stomach parts relax to eliminate pain. It is the best tea for menstrual cramps and gas and bloating. For anyone, regardless of age.

There are many variations of chamomile tea, just keep in mind that if you combine it with green tea it will give you more energy thanks to its caffeine. Anyone can consume it without side effects.