Accessories to transform your car and have a good time while driving.

To avoid boredom while driving and take advantage of time, you can use one of these products that allow you to have your cell phone at hand, charge it if you ran out of battery and transform your car listening to music and the radio.

1. Cell phone holder iOttie

This is a suction cup mount which can be placed on the dashboard of the car or on the glass. It is very flexible, with a telescopic arm that rotates 225 degrees and allows easy adaptation, extending up to 8.3 inches. The iOttie support It adapts to different cell phones, both vertically and horizontally, and also has a lower grip to give you more security.

With a price of $ 24.24, this support presents a very good price-quality ratio for its functionality and low value. In addition to the support, the brand offers its own application to remind you where you have parked the car.

2. Support Macally

Ideal for cars where the cup holder is near the dash, this support use this space rarely used to hold your cell ph The Macally stand It adapts to cell phones of different sizes and rotates 360 degrees to use it vertically or horizontally. It also has a flexible arm, which allows you to use the cell phone in different positions.

For $ 19.99 You can have a very simple accessory to use in any car, since it has an adaptable base to fit each cup holder. Customers in Amazon they highlight its functionality and adaptability to different cars.

3. USB charger Maxboost

A very simple product that every car should have. East USB charger connects to the cigarette lighter input and can charge up to 2 devices at once. It is compatible with most smartphones current and has a power of 4.8A or 24W between the two USB ports. It also supports fast charging.

This is the best-selling product from the list and it’s also the cheapest, with a price of $ 7.99. With its compact design and LED lights on the USB ports, it is a product that adapts very well to any car and situation.

4. Radio transmitter IMDEN

With this product, you can completely transform the experience in your car. With the IMDEN accessory, you have an FM radio transmitter, a double charger for cell phones and it is also useful for answering hands-free calls. In addition, its USB ports can be used with USB flash drives with music.

One of the top rated products, with 4.5 stars in Amazon and with a low price, from $ 17.95. Considering all the functions that this product offers, it is a very economical and functional accessory for any car.

5. Transmitter with display Nulaxy

This transmitter is similar to the previous one, but stands out for its display and outgoing controls. With this nulaxy product you can listen to radio, charge two devices at the same time, take calls in hands-free and play music through bluetooth, microSD card or auxiliary cable. In addition, it has an outgoing accessory with a screen and buttons to be able to control it comfortably.

This is a very functional and versatile accessory, for only $ 22.99. It is highly valued in Amazon, with 4.5 stars and customers highlight the quality of its construction, its fast charge for cell phones and its easy use.