Girls always love to imitate you, wear your heels, your dresses and your wallets. So why not buy matching sneakers to wear together? Surely your girl will be delighted to be wearing the same as mom and you will get some compliments for how adorable they will look. Below we show you 4 fashion styles to wear with all your looks.

1. The classics of Adidas for women Y girl

adidas Women's Grand Court Sneaker

It is a classic model, which works well for any situation and you can get it in different color combinations. Made of leather and rubber base, these Adidas sneakers are ideal for both women how girls. They are low in weight and have a padded insole so they both feel comfortable during the day.

With a classic and timeless design, these tennis shoes Adidas they are the perfect complement to any look. Although they are the most expensive in the guide, with prices that are around $ 50 and $ 60, they are quality and very versatile tennis shoes, which you will surely give them a lot of use. In Amazon, the clients mention that both models are very comfortable and that they fit very well. In this link you can see the model for women and in this one, for girl.

2. A modern design of WXQ Y Satyr

This design is very trendy, and thanks to the brands WXQ Y Satyr you can enjoy these comfortable sneakers for you and for you girl. Made of mesh fabric and a rubber base, these sneakers offer comfort and adapt perfectly to each foot. Both for women or for girls, they are available in a wide variety of colors.

They are the cheapest models in the guide: women’s sneakers are priced under $ 30 and those for girls have a great discount that leaves their price below $ 20. In general, both models have positive customer ratings highlighting their comfort and versatility. Get the wxq womens tennis here and the Satiro girls’ sneakers here.

3. Reebok princess for you and you daughter

Sneakers Reebok princess They have a completely white classic design, which fits very well with all types of clothing. They are made of synthetic leather with a large rubber base, which provides comfort and a little height. Both models have an interior lined in soft fabric to take care of your feet. The two designs also have ventilation holes on their sides and top, to ensure that the feet of the women Y girls breathe.

This is the best-selling model in the guide, both for women and girls. Clients in Amazon They affirm that they are a very comfortable, quality and stylish model, ideal for everyday use. You can see this Reebok model for women in this link Y for girl in this link.

4. Some Converse roses of woman and girl

A very feminine and versatile model could not be missing in the guide, such as these Talk in pink. With a low design and a rubber base, these sneakers offer comfort and style both for you how for your daughter. They are made of fabric and inside they offer a padded insole to ensure comfort.

Available in a multitude of colors, the Converse sneakers for women and girls range from $ 30 to $ 60, making them one of the most expensive models. However, it is a recognized brand and the clients in Amazon They value these models positively, highlighting their comfort and versatility. Here you can see the Converse women’s sneakers Y here the girls.