Control your entire home with Alexa.

Increasingly, Alexa is the protagonist of smart homes, controlling your electronic devices and making your life easier. With these 4 accessories you can incorporate the voice-controlled assistance system of Amazon in your spaces and make your home a smart home.

1. TV accessory Firetv

With this small accessory you can transform any television into a smart tv and manage it through Alexa. The product Firetv It consists of a device that connects to the HDMI of your television and a remote control, through which you can talk to Alexa. With this accessory, you can access a lot of content on-line from Prime Video, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more.

With a starting price at $ 39.99, FireTV is the best-selling product and that takes Alexa to your TV, showing you content from different applications and also being able to connect with other compatible electronic devices. For example, you can use Firetv to view images from security cameras and even control other smart home devices.

2. Plug Amazon Smart Plug

To transform any electronic device in your home, you can use the Amazon Smart Plug that allows you to control it through Alexa or the mobile application. It is an accessory that serves as an adapter between the plug of your device and the wall outlet, which connects to Wi-Fi. East Smart Plug It is ideal for use in appliances, lamps, fans or air conditioners so you can control them to your liking with your voice through Alexa.

The best rated product, with 4.6 stars in Amazon and a price of $ 24.99 for each unit, which allows you to have smart devices in your home in a simple way. Customers claim that it is an ideal accessory to add comfort and technology at home, and control it through Alexa or the mobile application.

3. Light switch Tp link

This smart switch TP-Link’s Kasa It is ideal for controlling the lights in your home through the internet. It works via Wi-Fi and you can control it with Alexa or the brand’s mobile application. In addition, you can program the on or off of certain lights or appliances such as air conditioners or fans.

Although it is a slightly more complicated product to install, this TP-Link switch is priced at $ 23 for its current discount, and it can be very useful for any space in the home. This switch also offers the possibility of regulating the intensity of the lights and has a safety function in which the lights come on when you are outside, to simulate that there are people inside.

4. Speaker accessory Echo Input

One of the ways to incorporate Alexa into your home is by purchasing one of the Echo speakers, which we discussed in another guide. But if you want to take advantage of a speaker that you already have in your environment, you can choose to Echo Input, which transforms it into an intelligent device. You can connect using a 3.5mm auxiliary cable or bluetooth to any external speaker.

This is the cheapest product on the list, priced at $ 19.99 and it is available in black or white. Echo Input It is ideal for using a quality speaker that you already have or a home theater. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a very useful accessory to integrate Alexa into your spaces at a low cost.