By following these recommendations you can do it more calmly and effectively …

If you are having problems getting pregnant or simply this year is the year you are planning together with your partner to get pregnant, fortunately there are many treatments that can help you; and without the need to spend exaggerated amounts of money. The most important thing will always be to consult your doctor first, as it can help you plan a healthy pregnancy.

There are several ways to get pregnant. Knowing your fertility and ovulation patterns is one of the main things you should know to achieve this.

How long does it take to get pregnant? “The time it takes to achieve a pregnancy is different in each case and depends on many things (such as age, genetics and general health). If you are fertile and have unprotected vaginal intercourse, you have a very good chance of pregnancy within 1 year. About 85 out of 100 people who try to get pregnant are successful within 1 year. But each one is different; for some people it is much faster, while for others it can take longer. ” indicates the reproductive health organization, Planned Parenthood.

See below some supplements that could help you in the process of wanting to get pregnant:

1. Yourfertility supplement – Fertil Max:

100% organic supplement to help the fertility of women, fully advanced in their field. With the help of these supplements and with the help of professional treatment from your doctor, you will be able to considerably increase your chances of conceiving and starting a new family.

It helps increase the quality of the eggs and promotes regular menstrual cycles. Uses pharmaceutical grade vitamin B, D, E complex. Including an organic herbal blend without GMOs to maximize hormonal balance, egg quality and uterine lining.

2. Supplement Maternity:

Formulated with folic acid and Myo-Inostiol to provide natural reproductive support. Myo-Inositol clinically indicates that it can help improve ovulatory function and the quality of the female egg. And folic acid to support prenatal health during early pregnancy. Gluten free, GMO free and vegan.

It is a flavorless powder to mix only with water or with your favorite drink. It is among the TOP 50 best sellers in Amazon within the category of vitamins prenatal.

3. Prenatal fertility vitamins – Conception:

They regulate your cycle, balance hormones, aid ovulation, and fight polycystic ovary syndrome. Contains myoinositol, vitex, and folic acid. It comes in 60 vegetarian softgels. This supplement is formulated with extracts of vitamins D and B complex essential for prenatal nutrition, this way you and your future baby will get complete nutrition. Its proprietary formula is rich in selenium, zinc, copper, iron, and herbal extracts for healthy concession support and to promote complex pregnancies.

Are vitamins that they provide antioxidants that are key to helping the preservation of the egg and sperm; They also work to balance hormones and ovulation so that you achieve regular cycles with long-term beneficial results. Likewise, it is essential for the good condition of the placenta to be preserved, to prevent spontaneous abortions and for the baby to develop in a healthy way.