It has properties and benefits that you never imagined …

Did you know that garlic, in addition to being very rich and versatile for food, also has properties and benefits for beauty?

Garlic in addition to being a delicious food to flavor our dishes, is a wonder of nature for many other things because of its high content of nutrients, It also has many health benefits for hair. Therefore, here we share the best garlic-based treatments for healthy and strong hair.

1. Garlic extract – Healthy growth stimulator:

East garlic bulb extract it is organic, with vitamin E and minerals. It helps stimulate blood circulation to accelerate hair reproduction and restore optimal conditions of the scalp to promote growth.

For use, shake before use. Then apply the product to the scalp and massage it. You can use it at least 5 to 6 times a week for 5 to 7 consecutive weeks to see the results. It should not be rinsed.

2. Shampoo and mask Alter Ego Garlic with Vitamin A:

The Alter Ego Italy Garlic shampoo and mask treatment It is especially indicated for chemically colored, bleached, and highly processed hair. Gently cleanses the hair structure, its deep moisturizing and nourishing action restores with its vitamins, mineral salts and peptides that strengthen and t The mask is a hot garlic cream treatment to use after shampooing for a few minutes.

To use it you must apply it to wet hair, massage, work in foam and rinse well. Repeat the process several times a week if necessary. It is an odorous product, so you will not have to worry that it leaves the smell of garlic in your hair. This fformula is for all hair types who has suffered from chemicals.

3. Shampoo – Ross garlic treatment:

East hair treatment with garlic, it is an odorless organic shampoo that includes rosemary, panthenol, citrus extracts, olive oil extracts, an exotic blend of natural tropical moisturizers and additional components to combat dryness and dandruff of the scalp.

One of the qualities of this shampoo is that it also includes vitamins essential to strengthen the roots of the scalp. All the ingredients mentioned above are homogenized under the most demanding conditions and precise temperatures, just as it is a pH balanced product, perfect for penetrating deep into your hair. It is among the Top 20 best sellers on Amazon.