Comfortable accessories to carry your cell phone and other things with you.

If you are looking for an accessory that allows you to carry your cell phone comfortably while you exercise or go jogging, one of these cases will help you. They are very comfortable accessories so you can listen to music, receive calls or also carry your house keys, leaving your body free to do all kinds of exercises.

1. Newppon

This is one cellphone case Ideal to use both anywhere on the arm, such as the wrist. Thanks to its clamping system, it allows you to rotate the phone 180 degrees and does not cover the screen, so you can use your phone very easily while exercising. In its structure, it also has a small pocket to store a key and a velcro strap that can be used to carry headphones, for example.

With a price of $ 10.97This case is ideal for people who want a versatile accessory, it can be adjusted to different cell phone sizes and can even be used with a thick case. It is fully adjustable thanks to its velcro strap, for arms up to 16 inches. The point against this Newppon cover, is that it leaves your cell phone unprotected against shocks or rain.

2. Tribe

With a very modern design, this Tribe cover It comes in 3 sizes, to perfectly fit each cell ph It includes a transparent plastic pocket for the cell phone and reflective edges, a small key hole and a velcro tape for headphones. The plastic that protects your cell phone allows you to continue using it and makes the case resistant to water and sweat.

The best seller in the guide, with a price of $ 9.98 is Tribe cover It is available in various colors, to suit every personal taste. It has two openings to adapt the velcro band to different arm sizes, and is made of a mix of lycra and neoprene.

3. Trianium

The Trianium sheath It has a simple design, with a space for the cell phone that covers it with plastic and a small key pocket. It is available in one size, which fits most popular cell phones, including larger models such as iPhone Plus and Galaxy Note. It is neoprene, and can easily fit arms up to 14 inches. Due to its non-slip rear design, it is a cover that will not move on the arm.

With a price of $ 8.99, this is the best rated product in the guide and also the cheapest. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a quality product and that it fits well with many different cell phone sizes. In addition, they highlight the functionality of its screen through plastic and its resistance to water.

4. E Tronic Edge

This product has a different design, but also more versatile. The E Tronic Edge case It serves as an arm belt, where you can safely carry everything you want while exercising. It is made of an elastic fabric and it is placed on the arm like a glove, so you must choose the correct size that goes from S to XL. Because it is sold in different sizes, it is a cover that will not move on the arm if it is found in the correct size. It has a closure to keep everything safe and some holes in the bottom of the case to connect your headphones.

Despite having the convenience of having several sizes, some customers mentioned that it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you, although the brand offers free changes due to size problems. This product has price of $ 12.95 and in Amazon They stand out for their good value for money, and also their great customer service.

5. Revere Sports

A very versatile cover, which includes a velcro extension to adapt to all arm sizes. The Revere Sports case It is sold in 4 different sizes depending on the model of cell phone you use, it has a key pocket slightly larger than previous models, and space on the inside to store money or credit cards.

Although it is the most expensive case, with a price of $ 14.99, It is the one that offers the most features, since in it you can carry your cell phone, keys, cards and easily connect your headphones thanks to its design. In addition, due to the flexibility regarding its size, you can use it comfortably in the arms or legs.