The best music even in your bathroom.

Singing in the shower gets more interesting with one of these waterproof speakers. We show you the best speakers in an average price range, so you can have your own concert while you bathe.


With an elongated design and a carry or hang handle, this Talking Comiso It is ideal for listening to music at full volume in the shower and also to carry a pool party. It has buttons on the top, which allows easy handling. It has an IPX5 rating, IP means Ingress Protection and measures the resistance of the product against water and other particles such as dust. This rating means that this speaker is waterproof, but not waterproof.

Available in various colors, this speaker has a price of $ 29.99. Its battery lasts up to 24 hours of playback and is a 5.7-inch tall speaker and only 13 ounces in weight. It is a highly valued speaker by customers, with a scope bluetooth up to 66 feet. Customers in Amazon they highlight the quality of its sound and its high volume.

2. Mini speaker Kunodi

This speaker features a circular compact design, which can be placed in the shower thanks to its rear suction cup or hook included. It can be operated using its side buttons or with voice, since it includes a microphone that is also used to answer calls. Your connection is by bluetooth or auxiliary cable and also allows the use of SD cards.

With a price of $ 15.99 This is the cheapest speaker from the guide, thanks to your current big discount. It has a playback time of 8 hours on a single battery charge and has an IPX45 resistance, the first number refers to the entry of solids and the second, to water. Is a ideal speaker for bathroom, but also to take anywhere with you for its small size of 3.6 inches tall.

3. Speaker with suction cup iFox Creations

Specially designed to use when you bathe, this speaker has a small circular design with a suction cup on the back. On its forehead, it has silicone buttons to control the music. It is a fully waterproof speaker, which can even be submerged up to 3 feet. Includes a microphone that allows you to take calls in the bathroom, thanks to its connection bluetooth up to 33 feet.

This is one of the best selling speakers of the guide, with a price of $ 29.99. Customers in Amazon They highlight that it is a very powerful speaker, in a small size. Some customers found problems with the function of their suction cup, but it can lean or hang in other corners of the bathroom.

4. Multifunctional speaker Donerton

With this Donerton speaker You can have a very complete accessory for both the shower and any other situation. Due to its elongated design, it is ideal to place in any corner of the bathroom. If you decide to use it outdoors, this speaker also has a built-in LED light and a flashlight, increasing its usefulness. It has an IPX67 resistance, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Its battery can last up to 30 hours of playback, being the most powerful on the list and can also function as an external battery for your devices. This product has a price of $ 29.99 and it is an accessory designed to be enjoyed in the shower, but also in your daily life. If you are looking for a multifunctional speaker, East of Donerton may be ideal, with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

5. Speaker Tribit

With a rounded design, this Tribit XSound speaker It has an IPX7 resistance, ideal for bathing, a swimming pool or even the beach. It has buttons on the top to control music, and its battery can last up to 24 hours. It is very easy to place in any corner of the bathroom and to transport, since it has a compact size and a low weight of 0.84 pounds.

The Tribit speaker is the best seller from the list, with a good customer rating of 4.5 stars and a price of $ 32.99, the highest on the list. Despite being a little more expensive, it has a range of 66 feet on your connection bluetooth, the best among the speakers in this guide. Customers in Amazon they highlight the great quality of their sound, in relation to their adequate price.

6. Mini brand speaker JBL

Due to its IPX7 resistance and compact size, this JBL speaker It is ideal to place in any corner of the bathroom and also to always carry it in your bag or backpack. It has a 4.2-inch-wide rectangular design and is less than 1 pound in weight. At the top, it has buttons to control music and on one of its sides, the USB and auxiliary ports. It also includes a microphone, with which you can control your cell phone or receive calls.

This is the only speaker on the list of a recognized brand, but at a low price of $ 29.95 thanks to your discount. Furthermore, it is The best reviews from the list with 4.7 stars in Amazon and it is available in various colors. Customers highlight this JBL speaker the sound quality and its construction, in a compact and economic product.