Do not suffer from heat anymore, these devices have come to save you.

If you are looking for a way to cool your house due to the high summer temperatures, one of the options offered by the market is to buy a portable air conditioner. These devices stand out for serving in many home environments and for having a simple installation, which does not require works.

1. Portable air Emerson

Ideal for spaces up to 300 square feet, this portable air conditioning It has a power of 8,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). Equipped with a remote control and a timer of up to 24 hours, this appliance is used to refresh a space, eliminate humidity and it also has the option of only ventilating. Includes a kit to connect the air inlet easily in any window. You can transport it through different environments in the house thanks to its 4 rotating wheels at the bottom.

Currently, this emerson model It has a 36% discount and a price of $ 269.98. It is the device with the highest discount, and manufactured by a american brand. It can be operated using its remote control or its top panel, and offers a night function to be able to sleep fresh and without annoying noises. Customers in Amazon They stand out of this product that involves a simple installation, its great power and how quiet its motor is.

2. Air conditioning brand LG

With a minimalist and compact design, East lg air conditioner can cool spaces up to 200 square feet. It has an LED display on the top and a remote control to operate it. The installation of your air intake is very simple, and when the summer season ends it is easy to store in a closet.

With a discount of 11%, and a price of $ 292.43, East LG gadget is the best rated on the list by customers in Amazon, with 4 stars. They stand out for their self-evaporation system and their efficiency, establishing a great price-quality ratio.

3. Portable air conditioner Rollibot

East Rollibot air has a 10,000 BTU power serving to cool, heat, ventilate, and dehumidify rooms up to 450 square feet. One of its most outstanding characteristics is that works with Alexa, so it can be easily integrated into your smart home routine. It is compact in size and easy to install on any window, making it a simple appliance to transport to different spaces of the home.

For his price of $ 299.99 which is relatively low, this device offers a great power, greater than previous models, and the possibility of managing it through Alexa or your mobile application. In addition, it has a timer of up to 24 hours and a night function for better sleep.

4. Air conditioning brand Black + Decker

From a brand with a long history, this air conditioning It has a power of 8,000 BTU and works great in spaces up to 300 square feet. It has remote control or control from its LED panel, the functions of cooling, ventilating or dehumidifying and a silent motor. Is very easy to install and move around any home environment,

Although it is priced a little higher than the other models, from $ 319.99, is he best selling portable air conditioner with a positive assessment of customers in Amazon. They emphasize its functionality and speed in cooling a room, as well as its simple design.

5. Air conditioning Honeywell

With a compact and modern design, this model of Honeywell It can cool rooms from 350 to 700 square feet thanks to its high power. It includes an installation kit for vertical or horizontal windows, and can be controlled by its remote control or LED display. In addition, it has 3 fan speeds, night mode, timer of up to 24 hours and auto evaporation.

Despite its high price, from $ 549, is he portable air conditioner with higher power from the list, with 14,000 BTU and it has an 8% discount. Customers in Amazon they emphasize its functionality, the simplicity to install it and that it is a very quiet device.