Stylish headphones at a low price!

In recent times, wireless headphones have been on the trend as they are a very comfortable and practical option to listen to music, take calls and more. Ideal for use in your day to day, at work or while you play sports, these headphones are characterized by being small and functional. In the market, you can find a huge variety of models and in this guide we show you 4 with a price of less than $ 45, so you can enjoy the advantages of wireless headphones without spending too much money.

1. Focustone

With a minimalist design, these focustone headphones connect to your device via bluetooth 5.0 and are very compact, adjusting to your ear almost without seeing each other. In its outer part it has touch panels, which allow you to play or pause music, take calls and access the voice assistant. They only weigh 4 grams and can be used for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge, and their container can provide an additional 15 hours of charge. When removed from their container, the headphones automatically connect to your device.

They are the cheapest model in the guide, with a price that does not exceed $ 35 and they have a 12-month warranty from the brand. In Amazon, customer reviews are generally positive, highlighting its good sound quality, compact size ideal to always carry with you and it has two options of silicone adapters to fit comfortably to your ear.

2. Soundpeats

Available in black or white, these soundpeats headphones work with bluetooth 5.0 and has microphones in both headphones, to be able to use them individually and take calls without problems. Its battery can last up to 3.5 hours of use, and its container charges up to 35 hours more. Includes 4 silicone size options and a box with rounded edges. When removed from their case, they automatically connect to the last device that was connected. In addition, on the outside they have a multifunctional touch button, which allows you to control music and take calls.

They are best selling headphones, with more than 3,000 reviews in Amazon. In general, positive reviews of these headphones are found as customers highlight the sound quality and its low price as the strongest points of this model. In addition, they mention that they are not very good to run, but that they are quality headphones for everyday use and very functional.

3. Ofusho

The Ofusho headphones They have a compact design in black with red details and have a small rubber structure that helps them fit better in your ear. It has noise cancellation technology and can last up to 8 hours of use, and its container can go up to 152 hours of loading. They have a touch button to control music and calls, and they are waterproof and sweat resistant to IPX7 level. The container can be charged wirelessly or with cable and also works as an external battery for your cell ph

With a price less than $ 44, these Ofusho headphones stand out for their modern design and their positive ratings on Amazon. Customers mention that they are headphones with good sound quality and that their container is very compact, ideal to carry in any pocket. As a negative point, it does not include rubber options, but due to its Ergonomic design fits well on many types of ears. In addition, customers mention that they connect very quickly and are ideal for sports.

4. Boltune

With a design similar to Apple headphones, this model of Boltune It works with bluetooth 5.0 and can be used up to 50 feet away from the device. Its battery lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge, while its container supports up to 40 hours of charge and has small LED lights that report on the battery level. When you take them out of the container, they automatically connect to your device. It includes 3 rubber options To fit your ears, built-in microphone, noise cancellation technology and are waterproof and sweat resistant at IPX7 level.

Although they are the most expensive model, its price does not exceed $ 45 and it is the best rated headphones in the guide, with 4.7 stars. In Amazon, customers highlight its sound quality, fast connection and compact container size. In addition, they mention that its touch controls allow you to control the volume of the music, pause and take calls.