Protection above all!

Among Hispanics there are many people who work in the construction industry. Construction boots are work tools to keep your feet safe in unstable or difficult terrain. Further, for those who work in construction or in extreme tasks, unfortunately they are very exposed to any type of accident, which many times could have a different result, if you have the right clothing and protection.

Strong, resistant and also comfortable shoes to stand on during the workday. Take a look at these 4 styles with which you can work comfortably, and above all safely.

1. Boots KEEN Utility:

These boots They have a thick rubber sole, their toe is made of iron and they have a waterproof quality. They are available in black and brown.

2. Leather boots Timberland:

The Timberland construction boots Made of 100% leather, they feature a synthetic sole and deep lugs for traction.

These construction boots are raincoats, non-slip and abrasion resistant. In addition, they provide you with anti-fatigue technology, and it is that their designed comfort system will absorb all shocks, thus returning energy to the foot, thus giving you support and comfort throughout the day.

3. Boots Timberland Pro industrial:

The Timberland construction boots Made of 100% leather, they feature a synthetic sole, premium waterproof leather, a molded Timberland PRO rubber toe cap and a polyurethane insole with dynamic dual-density anti-fatigue technology.

These boots are waterproof and best of all, you can wear it in all climates, thanks to its dual-density polyurethane (PU) midsole and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) outsole.

4. Work boots DRKA:

They are some anti-slip rubber sole bootse, include three sets of laces to match. They are made of waterproof leather with a waterproof construction. These comfortable, smooth rubber boots with an industrial construction sole keep your feet totally dry in any weather.

They are ideal for work on construction sites since they cover the entire foot of any accident with heavy materials. They come in 8 different designs and colors for you to choose to your liking.