Because your personal care is very important …

The skin around your intimate area is very delicate. It is much more sensitive than the rest of the skin on the body, and less resistant to any injury or irritation.

When we shave many times it happens to us that our skin is irritated and an undesirable rash comes out, and that same irritation produces itching. This occurs because the pubic hairs are much thicker than those on the rest of the body. Here we share some products that you can use to avoid that extreme annoying itch.

1. Coochy Soothing Dew:

Especially formulated for your most sensitive areas, this product tightens the pores and leaves your skin with a pleasant sensation of hydration and softness. This article has a formula that protects your skin from friction caused by contact with clothing.

Contains a blend of natural ingredients, which helps keep your skin feeling great in the days after shaving. Its formula is made from water, to cool and refresh the skin after shaving.

2. Oil Bikini Soft:


Provides you with the latest in shaving lubrication. This item gives you an easier shave, leaving your skin softer and silkier. Its formula eliminates skin irritation, razor bumps, burns and even ingrown hairs.

The special mix It is made from eleven totally natural hypoallergenic oils. Protect your skin with the perfect combination of lubricants that reduce friction, moisturizers rich in vitamins and complex softeners that hydrate, tone and restore.

3. Formula Kerah Lane:


Is a antibacterial balm that softens and calms pain after shaving. When it comes into contact with the skin, it calms the itching, purifies the skin cells and also acts as a moisturizer that removes irritation and itching in your most sensitive areas.

This lotion eliminates unsightly rashes that appear after shaving, as well as redness in the shaved area. It contains high quality ingredients that are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

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