With age the hair also ages. Hair can be made thinner, weaker, and easier to break, even coarse and frizzy. There are products that can thicken, give more strength and elasticity to your hair. If you are already over 35, it is time to pay attention to your hair to prevent severe damage and faster hair loss.

Consume a supplement to repair hair follicles and hair growth does not stop

Hair growth certainly slows down, there are a number of factors, but a supplement can enhance growth and stimulate the hair follicle so that the hair that grows is stronger and can be thicker for strength. This supplement has Biotin, Vitamin C and E. It is a hair supplement that you must use on a regular basis to really see results.

Have 60 capsules that will only serve for 2 months of treatment. It is a hair supplement that can be consumed by men and women.

Shampoo that blocks hair loss with saw palmetto, biotin and keratin

This is a shampoo that has biotin, keratin, coconut and castor oil, vitamins B and E. It also has saw palmetto. Together they act on your hair to prevent hair loss, stimulate hair follicles and improve hair fiber, gives shine and movement and prevents you from feeling frizzy.

When applying this shampoo it is ideal that you use a brush to stimulate the scalp and can better penetrate the product. You can alternate it with a shampoo with argan oil to give it shine and softness.

3. Using hair protein to thicken hair

Hair loses nutrients, which is why this is a hair protein that is responsible for regenerate, strengthen and repair damage. You just have to place it and spread it all over your hair. You don’t need to rinse. You can use it 2 to 3 times a week. If you dye your hair, remember to use ampoules or oils to give it nutrients and it does not continue to weaken, as this is another very important factor.

It is a product for men and women, recover your hair regardless of your age and give it protein so that its structure can improve.