Recovers the shine of the hair.

Dry and dull hair can be the result of applying many dyes, excess sulfate and paraben products and heat products as well as the lack of vitamins and damage to the keratin in your hair. We give you 4 products that will help you do a treatment for complete dry hair.

1. Live Clean: moisturizing shampoo with fatty acids and vitamins

One of the best ways to have a treatment for dry and dull hair is to have a moisturizing shampoo free of parabens and sulfates. This hair shampoo has dry has argan oil, grape seed oil and olive oil so it can absorb all the fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients.

When you start doing this treatment, avoid dyeing it or using heat products, since the keratin in your hair is very damaged and needs to recover. This shampoo is ideal for any type of hair.

2. Klorane: mango butter conditioner that nourishes hair

This conditioner mango butter gives you nutrients and fatty acids to your hair with each application. Helps you not pull your hair and is much more manageable, flexible and has nutrients for dry hair to recover. This conditioner is paraben and sulfate free and can be applied to colored hair.

This range of mango is ideal for dry and damaged hair. Just put a bit of medium to ends, you can combine its use with another mask for dry hair.

3. BELLISSO: collagen and keratin mask with oils

Recover the shine of your hair with a keratin and collagen mask that is responsible for healing the hair fiber, prevents more severe damage, split ends and gives it more resistance. This mask for dry hair has argan and jojoba oil that will give it the nutrients and shine that your hair lacks.

Can be used by men and women on any type of hair even if it is tinted. Apply after shampoo and let it act for about 10 minutes.

4. Davines: milk that cares, gives shine and prevents frizz

Combing dry hair, you also need protection this is a milk spray that is used to soften, shine, avoid frizz and frizz. If you are going to comb, avoid heat products and opt for this treatment for dry hair, it will help your hair to stay in place and prevent you from using the dryer or the iron.

To use it do it in the dry or wet and spray from medium to ends to cover all the hair, but without touching the root, it is not necessary to rinse. Complete the treatment and in a few months you will notice shiny and healthier hair.