Accessories that will bring your shoes to life.

In clothing and footwear, maintenance is very important, since it lengthens the useful life of the garments and makes them look like new. Just as we carefully wash and iron our clothes, footwear also needs care. With one of these products you can make all your shoes look like new.

1. Jason Markk

This is a cleaner premium for brand footwear Jason Markk and that also includes a brush. Made in the United States, this product contains 4 ounces and is composed of natural ingredients, which can be used on any color and material. This pot can clean up to 100 pairs of shoes.

With a price of $ 19.99, the product of Jason Markk It is the best seller in the guide and is suitable for all types of shoes or tennis shoes, even on delicate fabrics such as net, suede, leather and nylon, although the use of a softer brush is recommended. Customers in Amazon They emphasize that it is a very simple product to use and very effective in removing stains from footwear.

2. Reshoevn8r

With 3 brushes of different hardnesses included, this Reshoevn8r cleaning product It is 4 ounces in size and can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes. Thanks to its 3 brushes, you can use this product in any material, providing a single solution for all your shoes.

This shoe cleaner has a price of $ 31.99 and it is made of natural materials, making it non-toxic to you or the environment. With its soft and medium brush, all types of footwear can be cleaned and the harder bristle brush is ideal for soles, leaving your shoes impeccable wherever you look at it.

3. ShoeAnew

This product of ShoeAnew Includes an 8-ounce cleaner with a dispenser, a medium-hard brush and a small towel for more delicate fabrics. Made in the United States, this water-based cleaner is ideal for all types of fabric except suede, and can clean up to 85 pairs of shoes.

With a price of $ 16.97, This is the product is made of natural components and is biodegradable, so it will not ruin your shoes. In Amazon, customers claim that it works well on all types of fabrics and colors, and removes all stains quickly.

3. Kiwi

Ideal for leather shoes, this kiwi kit Includes two different brushes, two wax cans for leather and two fabrics for polishing. It is made in the United States and the wax Kiwi It is the most sold for shoes, so they ensure good performance.

With a price of $ 13.95 for your discount, this product Kiwi It is ideal for people looking to shine and take care of their leather shoes, since it includes everything you need. In Amazon, customers affirm that it is a very useful product and that it also includes a bag to store all accessories in an organized way.