The best Echo sound!

Since the creation of Alexa, more and more devices can be found in Amazon that adapt to your needs and your home. With them you can enjoy all the functionalities of this virtual assistant and also control the smart devices in the house, such as televisions, cameras, household appliances and more.

One of the products that has had the most impact on the market are Echo speakers, which are available in different formats to adapt to each space in your home. Among the newer models is Echo Studio, a speaker that offers great design and the highest quality sound. Includes 5 speakers and Dolby Atmos technology, which reproduce a sound with great bass presence and great detail, ideal for listening to your favorite music.

Its dimensions are 8.1 “high and 6.9” in diameter, so it can be placed in any free space in your home. At the top, it has buttons to turn the microphones on or off, an action button and control the volume. Close to its base, an opening optimizes bass output, creating an immersive sound.

In addition to taking advantage of the features of Alexa, with Echo Studio you get a high quality device, ideal to musicalize all your daily moments and enjoy. On the other hand, with this speaker you can access 3D music from the library of Amazon Music HD. To ensure the best sound, this Echo speaker automatically adapts to the acoustics of the room you are in.

This is the Echo speaker with the best sound quality created by Amazon so far, perfect for satisfying the most demanding customers. Inside, it has a speaker Tweeter 1 ″, three 2 ″ midrange speakers and one woofer 5.25 ″ to create the best sound. In addition, it is compatible with devices that use technology Zigbee, to help you create a smarter home. It can also connect to your Fire TV or Fire TV Cube, giving better sound to your series or movies.

This Echo device has priced at $ 200 and it is highly valued by customers in Amazon. They mention that it is a device that offers unmatched sound quality, as well as all the functions of Alexa. They claim that by itself it provides a very good sound experience, but that 2 Echo Studio speakers can be connected to achieve better performance in large rooms.