Unlike the great technological debates today, the topic of kitchens It has generated a large number of discussions without finally being able to find a definitive answer. Thus, an issue of utmost importance when cooking is what type of cuisine is the most convenient in all aspects, not only in terms of the taste of food but also in economic efficiency.

In this sense, we review the advantages and characteristics of electric kitchens and the gas cookers. First we have the electric cooker Frigidaire, which is a kitchen designed with a hot surface indicator that alerts you when your stove is too hot to the touch. Likewise, its controls are easy to use to allow you to control the cooking temperature.

This kitchen has colored knobs that match, additionally it has an indicator that warns you when the kitchen is on to avoid accidents.

On the other hand we find the gas stove Koblenz Victoria, which has four burners with a porcelain enamel top cover. The burners are high performance that allows you to adjust the flame control. With this type of kitchen you simply need a standard gas container, you do not need energy and it is switched on manually.

In the case of electric cookers, the cooking and food preparation time is usually slower, however, the vast majority of models have different levels of burners to adjust to the type of preparation to be carried out.

In the case of gas cookers they have several advantages, the main one being the saving of electrical energy and, on the other hand, the greater speed in the time of preparing food. Finally, each one with its characteristics manages to satisfy specific needs, but if you still cannot decide which one is best for you and your kitchen, we will show you both in greater detail.

1. Electric kitchen Frigidaire

It is a black top type kitchen, its minimum dimensions are 5/8 – 7/8 inches by 1/4 – 1/2 inches. Its design has a indicator that alerts you when the surface is very hot.

Its knobs have a coordinated control that tells you when the burners are on. He offers you safety and comfort when preparing the most delicious dishes at home.

2. Gas stove Koblenz


It is a stove Bronce color, designed with four burners with a porcelain top cover. Its dimensions are 26 inches deep, 21 inches tall, and it weighs approximately 15 pounds.

Its four burners offer you the option of performance and control fully adjustable flame, which gives you an optimal product and a fully efficient kitchen so that you stand out every time you use it.t