Say goodbye to annoying insect bites with these repellents.

To keep your home and your whole family free from the inconvenience of mosquitoes and insects, there is nothing better than having a repellent efficient and safe for all environments. Thus, as we can currently count on ultrasonic repellents designed to end these annoying visits. Here are some of the best options available for you to choose the best one for you:

1. Ultrasonic repellent Of pests


Is a indoor device It emits invisible electromagnetic waves to repel insects, mice, rats, mosquitoes, spiders, roaches and other insects without having to kill them.

After a few weeks of use you can say goodbye to pests and mice. This powerful device uses a secure and advanced technology to alter and irritate the nervous system of pests.

2. Repellent Premium Ultrasonic

It has the latest chip technology and more effective than any other pest repellent. It has a night light that you can turn on or off with a single button.

All you need to do is plug it into a common wall socket and let it go to work to chase that pest away forever. It is insurance and completely inaudible to humans and pets.

3. Repellent Eco Ultrasonic

This ultrasonic pest repellent emits ultrasounds of high frequency, which makes pests lose direction and consciousness, away from your home. It is designed to protect nature.

It does not produce radiation and does not contain chemicals, it is not toxic, does not produce odor or noise. It simply eliminates the pest without killing them, it is an environmentally friendly solution.

4. Repellent Portable Electronic


It has a combination of optical wavesUltrasonic and electromagnetic, it is highly effective at a coverage control area of ​​1,100 square feet and an ability to penetrate walls.

It is very easy to use, you just have to plug in the device and press the button for three seconds and it is ready to go. It is safe for you, your children and your pets, and it is also environmentally friendly.

5. Repellent Plug Ultrasonic


Is a Excelent product which provides a solution and prevention of unwanted creatures. Eliminates mice, insects, roaches, rats and other pests, but also prevents them from entering the protected area.

The ultrasonic frequency emitted by the device expels pests without disturbing you, your children or pets. It is perfect to place it in any environment of your house.

6. Pest control Ultrasonic


The electronic pest repellent is safe for pregnant women and babies, odorless, noiseless and no radiation. It uses ultrasonic frequency sound waves to drive pests and rats away without killing them.

It is suitable to drive away pests from any environment in your house just by connecting it to a regular outlet. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to take effect.