Fresh and healthy breath throughout the day.

The bad smell or bad breath in the mouth It is caused by bacteria that live on our gums and on our tongue. At other times it can also be caused by infections or diseases in our teeth. To eliminate this unpleasant condition, in addition to having rigorous hygiene we recommend these 3 products formulated with natural essences, so that you always have fresh breath.

1. Pray MD: Natural Toothpaste

It is an alternative to toothpaste and upper mouthwash. It is gentler on your teeth and gums than sensitive toothpastes. It helps you fight gingivitis and bleeding gums.

Leave a real feeling of fresh and clean mint, unlike anything you’ve experienced.

2. Jason: Healthy Mouth

This toothpaste helps you improve oral health and refresh breath without the use of abrasive and aggressive chemicals. Contains botanicals such as tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, cinnamon, and aloe vera gel.

The ingredients of this toothpaste combine to defend your mouth against plaque, caries, periodental disease. Helps reduce irritation of your gums, keeping your breath fresh and clean.

3. Oxy Fresh: Dental Gel


It is a powerful gel of fast actionSafe for the whole family and perfect for anyone suffering from dry mouth, chronic bad breath (halitosis), mouth ulcers, irritated tissues and more.

Work quickly to calm your sensitive gums, neutralizes bacteria and hydrates the tissue in your mouth. It does not stain to keep your pearly whites bright, as well as fighting plaque and bacteria formation.