Do you want to carry your cards, money and cell phone together? With one of these pocket covers, you can leave the house only with your cell phone and have everything you need. In the guide you will find 4 different options, that fit your personal style and needs, with more or less space for all the cards you need for less than $ 20.

1. With two pockets Dockem

For iPhone X and XS, this Dockem cover is made of a fabric-like texture and has two pockets. Its two-color design gives it a very original style and is available in 4 combinations with blue, green, red and dark gray as in the photo. In addition to offering two pockets, this case has a non-slip texture and protects your phone on all sides, with details on the sides to press buttons comfortably.

With the highest appreciation of the guide, 4.6 stars on AmazonThis Dockem case has a maximum capacity of two cards and is compatible with most wireless charging devices, although they recommend removing the cards to charge it. In Amazon, the clients highlight its minimalist and fine design, which looks great on the cell ph They claim that it keeps the cards very secure and that it can hold up to 4 cards since the material is a bit flexible. As a negative point, they mention that lighter colors can easily get dirty with jeans and that the edges usually wear out quickly.

2. With closure and plenty of space Lameeku

If you need more space to store cards and moneyThen this Lameeku case may be the one for you. Made of plastic and synthetic leather, this case is compatible with iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus and has on the back a zip-open pocket gives access to 6 card slots and 2 bill slots. It is available in black, red, turquoise and pink, and its edge protects your cell phone on all sides.

It is the guide’s best-selling case, with a price that does not exceed $ 17 and a lot of storage capacity. In addition to being a wallet, the back of the case serves as a horizontal cell phone holder for watching videos, for example. Customers in Amazon They mention that it is a very useful case, ideal for carrying few things in your day to day. They also say that it keeps the cards very secure in place, but they do not recommend carrying coins or anything loose since the top does not close.

3. Cover with brand cover Lamekuu

With this other Lameeku model you also get a lot of capacity, but in a more compact design. This cell phone case features a button-down flap that opens to give access to 3 pockets where you can keep cards and money. It’s compatible with iPhone XR and is available in pink, black and red. You can save from 3 cards and money, but the more cards you keep, the thicker the case will be. Its sides are plastic, which totally protect your cell ph

This cover has a modern design and a lot of capacity, adapting to your needs. In Amazon, customers in general value this product positively, for offering versatility in terms of the amount of things they can carry and also their quality construction. On the other hand, many found that the case interferes with the flash when it is very bulky and that it is a bit big to carry in your pockets.

4. Minimalist design of Suteni

If you want a simpler and more compact model, then this Suteni case is for you. Made of synthetic leather and plastic, this iPhone X, XS and XR case has a small pocket with elastic on the back, which can hold 2 to 3 cards. It has a very fine design, but it also protects your phone on all sides, and it supports wireless charging.

Is about the cheapest cover on the list, with a price that does not exceed $ 14 available in various colors and in two sizes to suit different iPhone designs. In Amazon, customers mention that it is an ideal cover for minimalists, with great design and security. They affirm that it is an ideal model for people who only want to carry 2 cards and are looking for a very slim design, to be able to comfortably carry in any pocket.