The amulets They are meant to attract good luck, prosperity, and fight the evil eye. There are many good luck charms in the world, and each culture has its own. Throughout history these have been evolving but always staying present in us.

Amulets attract people’s well-being in terms of health, love, work, money, protection, and prosperity; but they also protect you from the evil eye, envy, and negative vibes. Look at these 4 charms whose main function is ward off the evil eye from your life.

1. Necklace elephant:


Attract success, fortune. wisdom, and drives away the evil eye with this golden elephant necklace made of stainless steel. Handmade and polished by a high quality process. This chain does not produce allergies or discolor.

This small-bodied, large-headed elephant represents Ganesha, the Hindu God of success, strength, fortune, and wisdom. You can wear it on special occasions like birthday, party, wedding or other special occasion due to its luxurious appearance.

2. Amulet Nordic Vikings:

Legendary amulet Viking Vanir Frey sword with hanging runes and double side. Its material is zinc alloy, nickel free. It comes in a gift bag.

You can use it as jewelry or to place it somewhere where you want to ward off the evil eye. The sword symbolizes the battle.

3. Amulet Pentacle of the sun:

Made of excelsior pewter, nickel free and lead free. Includes an adjustable drawstring, with laminated ends. It is a hanging amulet double-sided; with a different seal on each side. It measures approximately 1 1/2 inches (3.81 cm) in diameter. You can use it as jewelry or as an accessory to place it in your home and car.

This talisman It consists of the 4 and 6 Pentacles of the Sun, and magical correspondences are said to penetrate lies, provide invisibility (subterfuge), increase physical and financial health, and encourage clear judgment. These seals were removed from the “Great Key of Solomon,” a fundamental grimoire of Western Esotericism that contains influences from Judaic mysticism, Kabbalah, Roman astrology, and hermetic alchemy.

Red string kabbalah bracelet:

Is double protection bracelet It is woven with a square macrame knot with a red cotton linen cord and 4mm gold filled balls. In the center is a 1.5cm gold plated St. Benedict connector charm and a 5mm flat maleficent crystal bead. The minimum size of the bracelet is 6.5 “inches or 16.5 cm and can be extended to approximately 10” inches or 25.5 cm.

This cute bracelet can be adjusted to a different length if necessary. It is a great protection accessory for daily use.