Yanet García She is a famous Mexican weather presenter and model, who rose to fame for her statuesque figure. She has always been characterized for being a very disciplined girl when it comes to exercising, and she shows it later in this video.

Although García is a fond of health and exercisesHe confesses that it makes him feel a little sad to be doing exercises, but that he does it to motivate other people to say yes. That is why he also shares in the video how she prepares to go to the gym with everything she needs to train:

1. The main thing is to carry a backpack to carry all the products and exercise equipment you use. How is it going adidas Alliance II Sackpack:

This style of backpack comes in 28 colors to choose from. The Alliance II Sackpack It is a sackpack with a large compartment with full drawstring closure with air mesh ventilation.

This jacket also has a zippered front valuables pocket that is lined with a soft knit fabric. It has two mesh side pockets that are deep enough to hold water bottles, and gym clothes. Has the embroidered mark of adidas and the signature of 3 bands printed in silkscreen that complete the design of Alliance Sport.

2. The first thing you carry in your backpack is your water bottle, like this style of Embrava:

Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether at home, at work, or in the gym. Embrava is a bottle 32 oz sporty bike that allows you to control your exercise routines or long runs so that your body can function with maximum efficiency.

Product Details:

  • Leak proof and fast flow
  • Quick access, 1-button lid opening
  • Lightweight single wall design

Each Embrava bottle It is BPA free and is made to enhance your drinking experience. It is a water bottle in plastic material, safe and food grade that does not affect the taste. They’re made from shock-resistant Tritan plastic, feature a lid, and a built-in lanyard strap so you can take running, jogging, or any exercise.

3. She wears protective gloves and grip like these RIMSports:

The RIMSports Training Gloves are designed to support your wrists when lifting free weights, to protect your hands while doing all kinds of exercises, and to comfortably bend your knuckles when boxing.

These gloves are made of breathable material to keep your hands from overheating, while the palm padding protects and helps hold the grip. They are within TOP 10 best sellers on Amazon.

4. It also has resistance bands like these Fitness Dreamer:

These physical training bands are made of latex. They are sweat resistant and come in a nylon bag for easy transport and storage.

This practical and lightweight set does not have a large size so you can take them anywhere. No matter your physical condition, each band color has a resistance level according to the preference and the type of training of the person.