Autumn It is one of the best seasons for fashion, since there is a wide range of colors and clothing designs that you can combine, to create comfortable, striking and highly trendy outfits. With autumn come colors and different textures to choose between many styles, and if you are one of those who love details to have a unique look, then you should try a poncho like the ones we show you below, which combine with almost any outfit, keep you warm and give you a modern and striking look that no one will miss.

1. Wide poncho knitted collar


This cute poncho has been made with acrylic, nylon, wool and spandex fabric, which give that touch of quality and elegance to this piece that you can find it in beige, black and brown tones, ideal colors for the autumn season. It is long in length so you will feel protected and cozy.

By wearing this poncho without a doubt you will waste class, because you will look beautiful and fashionable. It is also very easy to maintain as new, it only requires dry cleaning and special and delicate care on your part.

2. Light poncho with shawl style buttons

In the style of a delicate shawl, this poncho has been designed in a versatile way so that you can use it with different outfits. It is made with six delicate buttons and an asymmetric hem that can also be used as a scarf. It has an adequate length and width to adapt to all bodies.

It is a soft, elegant and comfortable model so you can take it everywhere and combine it with all your styles, as it comes in a wide range of shades for you to choose the one you like best. This shawl can be used with your favorite jeans for a casual look.

3. Knit poncho classic style

This poncho has been embroidered with synthetic cashmere fabric that makes it light and very soft on contact with the skin. It is elastic, so adapts to all types of bodies and in its design it contemplates some pretty stripes in gray and black tones, with bangs that give it a super elegant touch.

With this cute model you can attend all kinds of casual or formal meetings because it adapts to any style, its V-neck shape allows to show a nice neckline, discreetly and subtly.

4. Poncho style solid shawl

With various shades, this design comes with an asymmetrical style that allows you to use it as a scarf. Its loose and unicolor cut greatly favors the figure, making you look slimmer.

It is a cozy and light design that will give a touch of elegance to your look. If you are one of those who loves to feel comfortable but with outfits that impact you, this shawl is an excellent choice for your daily work.

5. High neck poncho fringed

With an extra long length, this cute poncho was designed with cotton fabric that makes it super soft and comfortable to wear. Have a beautiful design that covers the neck and in its lower part fall beautiful fringes.

This is a good option to attend any casual engagement. It comes in different designs and shades, so you can choose the one that best suits your style or the occasion.

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