The best models of shoes to stay many hours on your feet.

If your job requires you to be on your feet or on the move, then you need shoes that give you the right comfort and safety. With one of these shoe models, you will no longer suffer from foot pain every day when you return from work.

1. Tennis Skechers

Made of leather and with a rubber sole, these Skechers They have a slight incline that makes them a 1.5 inch high cue. They are non-slip and with a template of memory foam, to adapt perfectly to your foot. These sneakers are ideal if you spend many hours on your feet and are part of the Skechers work shoes.

It is the best rated model from the list, with 4.4 stars in Amazon and a price of $ 52.99. Customers highlight their comfort, with a great arch support and affirm that they experience much less foot pain at the end of their working day, also highlighting its affordable price.

2. Tennis Soft Skechers

Also from SkechersThese sneakers are made of leather with a rubber sole and you can buy them in color black or White. With a more sporty and modern style, these Skechers They offer support for people who walk a lot or spend much of the day on their feet. They have an athletic insole and are non-slip.

This is one of the best selling shoes on the list and it is also highly valued by customers in Amazon. With a price of $ 66.93, customers say that they are very good work shoes for a reasonable price.

3. Shoe Dansko

Leaving tennis models aside, these shoes they have a more formal style. This model of Dansko It is leather with a rubber platform and a 0.75-inch high heel. Its PU insole provides a support for the arch of the foot and is also breathable, to control the temperature of the feet.

This is the best selling shoe from the list, with a price of $ 124.95 that provides comfort for people who spend many hours on their feet. In addition, you can get it in many different colors and prints to suit your personal style. Customers in Amazon they emphasize the comfort in its use and the quality of its manufacture, which make it a durable shoe.

4. Shoes Hawkell

Similar to the previous shoe, but with a more sporty style, the Hawkell shoes they are low weight and available in black or white. They are synthetic leather shoes, with a 0.75-inch rubber sole and a 1.75-inch high heel. Inside, they have a soft foam insole and thanks to their elastic they are easy to put on and take off.

It is one of the cheapest models, with a price of $ 29.99 and they are non-slip work shoes. Customers in Amazon They emphasize its comfort for the low price, ideal for spending many hours on foot.

5. Ballerinas Crocs

Ideal for workplaces with a dress code stricter these Crocs ballet flats They are built in rubber and with synthetic sole. It has the famous soles of the Crocs brand, which allow greater comfort and breathability of the foot.

With the biggest discount of 36%these Crocs shoes have a price of $ 25.68, which also make it the cheapest model in the guide. Customers in Amazon They say they are good to work all day and have a very versatile style, but they mark that they make a little noise when walking through their material.