Great style for your feet!

In recent times, Fila sneakers have been in fashion as a economical and stylish option. Below, we show you 4 of the best-selling models of Amazon.

1. Row Disruptor II

These Fila tennis They have been trending for quite some time, being the best-selling model on the list. They have a modern design with a large base 1.25 inches high and are made of leather, with a seam pattern on the sides.

Available in many different colors, these Fila sneakers have more than 2,300 reviews on Amazon. In addition, they are the best rated model with 4.6 stars and customers mention that

2. Row Workshift

Sneakers designed to work throughout the day, for their comfort and safety. Made of synthetic leather, these Fila tennis They have a high base that ensures comfort and are non-slip, offering security. Inside, we find a template of memory foam and a fabric lining.

These sneakers have more than 1,200 reviews on Amazon, with generally positive comments. They’re the cheapest sneakers on the list, and customers mention they are perfect for all-day wear, ideal for people with foot problems. You can find these sneakers in medium and wide sizes.

3. Row Runtronic

Another model of Row It is designed to work with a body that combines leather, synthetic leather and mesh fabric to guarantee resistance. It includes a high rubber base that is non-slip, to provide comfort and security in your day to day. Inside, these sneakers feature a fiber lining CoolMax which helps keep your feet dry and cool.

In AmazonThese sneakers are available at 4 color combinations and they have a generally positive evaluation. This model can be found in medium sizes and the clients affirm that they are tensi qeu they fit very well, they are very comfortable and perfect for standing all day.

4. Row Outreach

With a sportier design, these Fila sneakers They’re designed for running, but they’re also perfect for everyday use. These sneakers are made of mesh fabric to allow the foot to breathe, with rubber details and a high base that guarantees comfort.

These Fila sneakers are available in 3 color options and they have a very modern design. In Amazon, customers mention that they are the perfect sneakers to stand all day and that they are a very light model.